WikiLeaks Finds Payment Avenue in Philly Startup

Dec. 16, 2010

Xipwire, Inc., a Philadelphia-based startup that enables P2P mobile payments, said last week it has agreed to take online payments for WikiLeaks after card networks and PayPal refused to accept electronic donations to the non-profit media outlet. “While people may or may not agree with WikiLeaks and the documents it has released, we feel that PayPal’s recent decision to refuse to process donations on their behalf effectively silences voices in this democracy,” Xipwire founder Sharif Aleandre said in a published interview. “In fact, it was the Citizens United case that basically equated donations with free speech and if the Supreme Court decided that our government doesn’t have the power to regulate that speech then it’s our opinion that corporations certainly shouldn’t have that power either.” all related fees. WikiLeaks supporters with a Xipwire account can text WL to 56624 to make a $10 pledge. Non-account holders who contact the number will receive a link to a page where donations can be made.