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Aligning payment security to your digital business transformation strategy

Today, customers expect their digital experience to be faster, more convenient and more secure than ever before. This is becoming even more evident in the financial services industry. Are you ready to transform to meet your customers’ digital demands?

Learn how Payment Security solutions can help you build a secure e-commerce strategy centered on customer value, while also facilitating a broader digital business transformation plan focused on competitive advantage. Get the White Paper

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Fraud Prevention as Information Security:

Outdated fraud prevention can be an information security risk. Seasonal hires are a natural and appropriate response to the crush of sales volume many online merchants experience around the holidays. If you are tasking these temp hires to help out in your fraud department with manual reviews, you could be unnecessarily elevating your risk of data breach. New employees with a heavy workload who don’t fully understand the company and its systems, but who have full access to customer data, leave your business vulnerable to potential attacks and human error in data theft and loss. This white paper produced in partnership by and Forter examines how eliminating manual reviews through automation can remove this risk. Get the White Paper

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Has Your Fraud Team Hit the Breaking Point?

Most fraud teams begin with one person responding to customers who are calling because they saw an unfamiliar charge on their credit card bill. Or, maybe a company is experiencing chargebacks for the first time and one person is tasked to learn about the issue. In any event, for small merchants, the process is intensely manual. As a company grows, it may add a person or two, but merchants can gain substantial size without significantly altering the way they fight fraud. This can result in a personal cost for the employees.

This white paper produced in partnership by and Radial examines how to manage growth and fraud prevention in an ‘always on’ environment.

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Customer Experience vs. Fraud Prevention in the Mobile Age

Customer Experience vs. Fraud Prevention in the Mobile Age

Mobile web and in-app transactions continue to rise and, by some measures and in some markets, account for more than one-third of all online transactions2. Into this new, exciting and lucrative environment has stepped a slew of bad actors salivating for a chance to exploit new vulnerabilities. For most merchants selling physical goods, adapting their traditional e-commerce to the mobile device does not result in a massive change in the flow of their fraud prevention tactics. These companies still have time between an order and when it is shipped to apply fraud checks and even manually review orders. A class of new companies, however, founded in the mobile age and promising instant or near instant delivery of goods and/or services, does not have that luxury.

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