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Research Results: The Financial Impact of Fraud | The Hidden Risks for Merchants | Tue. Nov. 1 at 1PM ET

Join Vesta’s Tom Byrnes and CardNotPresent.com’s D.J. Murphy as they detail the findings of new research that reveals the true financial impact of fraud and chargeback management on merchant operations.

The results of the second annual study are clear: costs are rising for all merchants, as fraud management, chargeback losses and false positive declines are increasingly undermining profitability for merchants.

Reserve your space today to hear the most recent data highlighting:

  • The effect of fraud on operational costs for digital merchants resulting from the EMV rollout in the U.S. market
  • Shifting fraud trends and how they differ between digital, physical and hybrid merchants
  • Recommendations for merchants to control new costs that divert funds from revenue generating activity
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Fraud360 Virtual Event | Thurs. Nov. 3 11AM – 2PM ET

Kount WebinarCouldn’t attend any of the Fraud360 World Tour events in 2016? Now is your chance to hear from all of the speakers and presenters, from the comfort of your desk!

Criminal fraudsters continue to make news headlines breaching millions of credit cards and private data files. Meanwhile, mobile payment systems are evolving with new technology and capturing consumer-spending habits. Stay current on fraud trends and techniques by joining us for this virtual event. Hear from the experts and leave with even more knowledge of fraud and payments.

Note: Registration includes access to all presentations with the availability to log on and off as your schedule permits.


  • What fraud trends are currently wreaking havoc in eCommerce
  • Payment processing fraud resulting in checkout abandonment and the evolution of transaction decisioning
  • The pitfalls to avoid when expanding out of the country
  • The characteristics of eCommece companies that innovate and those that lag behind
  • How email can play a pivotal role in interrogating risky transactions
Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker
Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker Fraud360 Virtual Event Speaker
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Improve Fraud Investigation with Web Behavior Analytics | Tue. Nov. 16 at 1PM ET

Cyber security practitioners think reducing fraud would be a lot more effective if security products could only understand the business better. This is especially true for websites—the primary source for businesses to connect to their customers.

Account takeover, password guessing, automated attacks, fraudulent transactions and business logic abuse are just some of the threats plaguing many customer-facing websites. Web behavior analytics is quickly emerging as a solution to help organizations improve how they investigate fraud attacks across Web and mobile properties.

Join RSA and 451 Research for this live webinar to learn:

  • The benefits and features of web behavior analytics technology for anti-fraud use cases
  • How web behavior analytics can be used to speed up fraud investigations
  • Enterprise recommendations for evaluating web behavior analytics tools
RSA Webinar 451 Research Nov 16



Webinar Rebroadcasts

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

Reality Check for Digital Wallet Security

Hannah Preston, Solution Strategist, Payment Security Division, CA Technologies and D.J. Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent.com discuss digital wallet adoption and how companies can keep pace with the demands of mobile commerce, while balancing fraud risks and avoiding the frustration and complexity of legacy payment infrastructure. | WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

Winning The War On Friendly Fraud

Ethoca’s CMO Keith Briscoe and CardNotPresent.com’s founder Steve Casco will present the results of a new research study that investigates how friendly fraud has grown, what the real costs are, and how it varies across industries. Attendees will also hear first-hand from two merchants – South African Airways and Gala Coral Interactive – and will learn how these very different companies experience friendly fraud and what they do to control the damage.| WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

5 Ways to Keep Subscription Billing From Becoming a Recurring Nightmare

Speakers Steve Booth (VP, Vindicia), Steve Casco (Founder, CardNotPresent.com) and John Sullivan (Partner, Paul Larson Consulting) explain how to attract subscribers through flexible pricing, packaging, promotions, and loyalty programs; deploy agile recurring billing systems and best practices that respond to consumer demand and analyze subscriber metrics to maximize customer lifetime value| WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

The 9 Deadly Costs of Fraud

Join Speakers Don Bush (VP of Marketing, Kount) and Steve Casco (Founder, CardNotPresent.com) to explore the visible and hidden costs of fraud, what you can change to generate the most impact, hard data you can use to make informed decisions and how to take a deeper look into your fraud costs. | WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

Customer Experience vs. Fraud Prevention in the Mobile Age

Join Steve Casco (Founder, CardNotPresent.com), Colin Sims (COO of Delivery.com) & Aaron Begner (Head of Customer Success at Forter) to learn how delivery.com made their mobile antifraud invisible and instant to both block fraud and maximize sales. | WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

Managing Risk with Predictive Modeling at Urban Outfitters

Struggling with false positives? Looking to reduce your order review rates? Download this webinar rebroadcast to hear how the fraud team at Urban Outfitters implemented a machine learning model that enabled them to more accurately identify risk with less human intervention. Speakers: Kristin Hoyne Gomes from Accertify and Bryan Whitney from Urban Outfitters, Inc. | WATCH THE WEBINAR

CNP Webinar Rebroadcast

Attacking Account Creation Fraud with Mobile ID Verification

Join Sarah Clark, General Manager, Identity, Mitek and D.J. Murphy, Editor-in-Chief, CardNotPresent.com, to learn the security trends driving account takeover and account creation fraud, merchant verticals most susceptible to these new fraud types and how to safely onboard customers using the mobile device they are holding. | WATCH THE WEBINAR