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Learn why Kount is giving away their patented device fingerprinting.

Even though they invented and patented device fingerprinting, Kount is much more than just device fingerprinting. Kount is a complete all-in-one fraud management platform helping boost sales through better fraud prevention. This webinar will show how Kount has integrated dozens of technologies, including device fingerprinting, to detect and prevent fraud from damaging your business. And, how simple real-time fraud prevention can be.

What you'll learn:

  • How Kount customers experience increased sales by accepting more orders, from more people, in more places, with a case study review
  • How Kount's all-in-one solution is not one-size fits all
  • Why integrated technology is better at detecting and preventing fraud
  • How Kount's integrated solution dramatically decreases fraud losses


Case Study Webinar Rebroadcast Now Available

Case Study: Online Retailer Uses New Fraud Detection Systems To Cut Fraud Loss Rates

Abstract: A North American online retailer found that fraud losses ate at profits and affected the customer experience. The retailer’s manual fraud management processes could not scale with the volume of its online and phone-based sales. As a result, fraud professionals at the company decided to implement a new fraud management solution. Unfortunately, the first solution didn’t have a decision engine to create more-advanced fraud detection rules to fight increasingly sophisticated fraud techniques.

The retailer implemented a different solution that allowed them to create advanced fraud detection rules and increase efficiency of fraud management functions within the department to review more orders faster. The team was also able to absorb additional fraud-related functions (chargebacks and collections) that other departments previously handled, without increasing staff. Managers could also track overall performance with online reports, which allowed analysts to work from home.

As a result, fraud losses dropped from a peak of $2 million in 2001 to $180,000 in 2010.

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Fraud Best Practices Webcast

Did you know that merchants are paying $139 billion annually in fraud losses alone, according to the 2010 LexisNexis True Cost of Fraud Study? So how do you retain legitimate sales while preventing fraudulent transactions?

Register now to watch the E-commerce Payments Fraud Management Best Practices Webcast recorded by Casey Bullock, General Manager Fraud Solutions, Chase Paymentech. Merchants who utilize this product have

  • Achieved increases in their top-line revenues
  • Streamlined their fraud operation
  • Reduced chargebacks by up to 30-50 percent

Join Casey as he explores the e-commerce fraud landscape with direct emphasis on fraud prevention best practices to help you stay ahead of fraud and the various ways Safetech Fraud Tools can help you accomplish this.

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Lessons Learned From Digital Merchants

Digital content providers are hyper-sensitive to fraud issues. Learn from their frontline experiences.

  • How do you handle product delivery before full fraud screening is completed in an environment where manual reviews simply can't be done?
  • How the payments ecosystem is in transition (see image on right) & how managing fraud requires a complete strategy, not more tools.

This webinar will also review new research from the Mercator Advisory Group on how fraud management controls must operate across a growing range of payment types and, for best performance, across multiple merchants to leverage the network effect.

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Case Study Review: Top online retailer Bodybuilding .com

Card Not Present Merchants spend millions of dollars every year trying to get interested consumers to visit their Websites and convert visitors into buyers only to reject between 2.7% and 7.8% of orders.

Reducing your order rejection rate means more sales, more accepted orders, and more opportunities. Proper fraud detection and management can help increase the number of accepted orders increasing topline sales.

Case Study Review: Top online retailer Bodybuilding .com

  • Reduced rejected orders by 14%
  • Increased transactions by 5%
  • Expanding into new markets

Learn how better fraud management will:

  • Increase topline sales without increasing headcount or budget
  • Reduce order rejection rates
  • Reduce fraud management cost
  • Expand sales into new markets
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