Vermont Credit Union Implements IronKey Security Solution

Aug. 1, 2011

Data security firm IronKey Inc. said it has provided its secure browsing solution for members of Vermont-based Northern Lights Federal Credit Union (NLFCU). Sunnyvale, Calif.-based IronKey said NLFCU is one of the first credit unions to offer Trusted Bookmarks, a new feature of its Trusted Access for Banking that it says prevents identity theft, payments fraud and online banking account takeover. “Now that the Durbin amendment has gone into effect and lowered interchange rates for debit transactions, credit unions need to focus on reducing their risks, especially in CNP online payments,” said John Revilla, CEO of CUSAG, LLC, a credit union service company that assisted NLFCU with the implementation of the Trusted Access program. “By using IronKey Trusted Access for Banking, Northern Lights lowers its risk with online payment transactions, increases the security of its online banking and delivers real value-added service for its customers. I see this as a very strategic move that gives them a competitive edge and clear differentiation.”