Understanding Tablets Should be Priority for E-Commerce Retailers in 2013 

Feb. 4, 2013

The proliferation of tablets is outstripping smartphones at the same stage of development and the implications for e-commerce are enormous, said Keith Anderson, vice president and senior analyst at retail consultancy RNG Digital during an e-commerce symposium in Cambridge, Mass. Friday. At the conference organized by the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange, Anderson said tablets are used in very different ways from smartphones and consumers are engaging them in different ways, so optimizing the shopping experience for tablets is vital for retailers formulating a mobile strategy.

“Even thought fewer people are using them than smartphones, they’re already delivering more traffic to e-commerce sites than smartphones; conversion rates, on average, are higher on tablets than on smartphones; and average order value is higher,” Anderson told attendees. “So, if you’re trying to think about where these screens sit relative to one another, I would tell you, for 2013, of all these new screens we’re having to adapt to, tablets are one of the most essential to really understand.”