Simpler Name Reflects Need for Simpler Mobile Payments

March 15, 2012

PaymentOne, a San Jose, Calif.-based mobile payments company, this week revealed that it has rebranded itself PayOne. The company, which claims it invented “no credit card required carrier billing for digital commerce” more than a dozen years ago, launched a new Website and a simplified one-click mobile payments platform in conjunction with the name change. The company says the simpler name and payment process signifies the simplicity consumers need to fully engage with mobile payments as smartphones and tablets become ubiquitous.  

“Different from offline and e-commerce, every added data element or keystroke required of a mobile consumer on the small screen is a serious point of friction and a measurable point of failure or falloff for a merchant,” said Joe Lynam, CEO of PayOne. “Requiring the consumer to enroll, pre-register, provide sensitive personal or credit card data or establish a separate user name and password to make a simple payment amounts to far too much friction for a mobile user. The new PayOne brand represents our mission to streamline and eliminate every single step, process and keystroke possible to optimize the mobile payment experience for the consumer and our partner merchants.” 

PayOne also announced Snap My Life, a subscription service that enables users to store and share photos in the cloud, has chosen the newly rebranded company to power carrier billing as a payment alternative for its subscribers.