SafetyPay, giropay Enable Online Payments in U.S. from Bank Accounts for German Shoppers

March 18, 2013

SafetyPay and giropay, companies based on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean that enable merchants to offer secure online payments from a consumers’ bank account, announced a partnership last week that will allow giropay users in Germany to make payments in Europe, the U.S., Canada and Latin America in their preferred currency.

“Our goal is to provide customers and merchants the safest possible way to buy and sell goods and services on the Internet,” said Ralf Ohlhausen , president of SafetyPay Europe. “We are delighted to work with giropay, who we know also does not compromise safety when it comes to security and trust.”

The partnership will enable, for example, a German tourist to buy a ticket directly from a Mexican airline with his online bank account in Euros, or a German citizen living abroad to shop in that country and pay with their German bank account.