Report: Smartphone Payments Gain on Tablets during Summer

Oct. 3, 2013

Mobile transactions now account for nearly 18 percent of all digital purchases worldwide, according to the most recent Adyen Global Mobile Payments Index. The Dutch acquirer and payments processor found mobile transactions on its platform increased 27 percent in the four months since the inaugural index was released. As a share of mobile transactions, Adyen found smartphones grabbing share back from tablets with 52.6 percent of the mobile transactions occurring from May through August taking place on a smartphone while 47.4 percent were performed on tablets—a reversal from the previous index.

“One possible explanation for this reversal is a change in consumer behavior during the summer vacation season,” the authors of the index wrote, “in which highly portable smartphones are much more convenient for on-the-go mobile purchases than less portable tablet devices.”

From a geographic perspective, the index found Europe still leads the world in terms of mobile payment transactions, with more than 18 percent of all digital transactions leveraging this channel (up from 15.4 percent in April). However, the share of mobile payments in North America increased the most of any region, surging 49 percent from 11.2 percent of digital transactions to 16.6 percent. Mobile transactions in Asia declined from 12.4 percent to 11.4 percent.