Report: Mobile Payment Soars for App Users during Holidays

Nov. 9, 2015

Report: Mobile Payment Soars for App Users during Holidays While mobile online payments (which comprise purchases through mobile Websites and in-app payments) dwarf mobile payments at the POS (e.g., Apple Pay), payment is not how most consumers will use their devices this holiday season, according to the results of a recent poll. GPShopper, a mobile commerce platform provider, commissioned a survey of nearly 1,200 U.S. consumers and found most will use their devices to research products (54 percent) and compare prices while they are in stores (46 percent). Making purchases is gaining traction, however, with 22 percent indicating they will purchase products through apps and 21 percent saying they will purchase products on mobile Websites.

In general (not just at the holidays), 80 percent of respondents said they use a mobile shopping app at least once a month and nearly 60 percent said they use their favorite retailer’s app at least weekly. During the coming holiday season, while those consumers are engaged with their favorite retailer’s app, a different picture emerges regarding the proclivity to make purchases. The top way they will engage remains tracking deals and prices (55 percent). But, buying gifts for others they get shipped to themselves (47 percent), buying on Black Friday/Cyber Monday rather than going to crowded stores (47 percent), buying gifts for others they ship directly to the recipient (33 percent) and buying gifts for themselves (30 percent) all figure prominently in the plans of shoppers who are using the mobile app of their favorite retailer.