ReD Offers ‘Alerts’ to Online Merchants

April 7, 2014

ReD Offers ‘Alerts’ to Online Merchants London-based antifraud technology provider ReD has launched a new service called ReD Alerts it said makes global fraud intelligence and analytics available to all online merchants. ReD Alerts, which the company said it will offer independently of its other fraud products, takes advantage of the data ReD has amassed from all its partners around the world. Merchants using ReD Alerts can screen their transactions is several ways: against ReD’s global blacklists, against newly received fraud intelligence or using the company’s Business Intelligence portal.

“Timely intelligence about newly emerging frauds is the key to an effective defense,” said Jackie Barwell, head of products at ReD. “This intelligence powers an informed approach to fraud detection and prevention, enabling merchants to take rapid action to stop delivery of orders for ‘at risk’ transactions, to reduce chargeback costs and adapt fraud rules in light of new information. The new ReD Alerts service offers all merchants, whether or not they are ReD customers today, the opportunity to benefit from our global negative data to improve fraud detection and take fast, proactive action to beat the fraudsters.”