Radial: Enterprise-Class Software Not Just for Enterprises

Omnichannel commerce technology provider Radial on Friday unveiled a suite of technology solutions, operational services and a network of partners it said will enable midsize retailers to compete in an e-commerce world dominated by Amazon. Or, as Radial’s Chief Product and Strategy Officer Stefan Weitz put it, “Amazon is going to kill you. What are your options to deal with their scale, scope and velocity? It’s hard for any retailer without tremendous resources to even compete.” Weitz said the services Radial announced Friday will give retailers in the $20-$250 million in revenue range the “wings” to be competitive with Amazon.

From the technology perspective, the company launched Radial Order Management (ROM), a turnkey software package that provides inventory tracking across stores (enabling buy online/ship to store or buy online/return to store, among other abilities) and what it calls intelligent order routing, which reduces the cost of fulfillment. Operationally, Radial has added more warehouses and technology that not only makes shipping more efficient but enables personalized messaging inside packages for an enhanced customer experience. And, finally, Radial is offering a network of precertified partners for any of its clients’ omnichannel technology selection, solution design, systems integration and payment needs.

“Traditionally, systems like this were reserved for organizations doing a few hundred million dollars a year because they would take several million dollars and 18 months to implement,” Weitz told CardNotPresent.com. “It’s just not realistic for most midmarket customers. The ROM product we’re launching today is specifically targeted at midmarket. The beauty of it is midmarket companies get enterprise class but at a price and complexity level they actually can comprehend and afford.”