ProPay Launches M-Payment Platform at Sundance

Feb. 11, 2011

ProPay, a credit card processing and electronic payment services provider, chose the Sundance Film Festival in Utah to launch its new social mobile payment platform. Provisionally named Zumogo, the mobile payment application facilitates payments and bi-directional communication between merchants and their consumers. The company said it enables businesses to efficiently market their products and improve operating efficiencies, while customers communicate with and make payments to businesses—all via smartphones. Importantly, the company said, no sensitive payment data is stored on the customer’s smartphone or in the merchants’ systems.”Not only does Zumogo allow consumers to connect with and pay merchants in an entirely new way, it does so in a manner that protects the sensitive payment data,” said Chris Mark, executive vice president of emerging markets at ProPay. “Zumogo combines data security with the flexibility of mobile payment options, and the connectedness of social media, giving merchants and consumers the best aspects of each.” Mark said the solution can be integrated into an e-commerce, call center or any other payment environment, and it mitigates the risks traditionally associated with the storing, processing, or transmitting sensitive payment data. Zumogo leverages ProPay’s PCI DSS-compliant ProtectPay system, which combines end-to-end encryption and tokenization to secure payment data.