Processor Comparison Site Launches Own Payment Gateway

Sept. 26, 2011

FeeFighters, a comparison site for e-commerce merchants looking for low-cost card processing, recently launched its own payment gateway. The company said many of the merchants who used Chicago-based FeeFighters to choose a processor found that the best ones were often locked in by gateway providers. Merchants that choose Samurai as their gateway are not locked in to one processor, according to CEO Sean Harper. “Samurai allows any business to send any transaction to any processor,” he said. In one of the more unusual press releases to accompany a product launch, FeeFighters touted the features of Samurai in haiku because, like the three-line Japanese poetry written in a strict 5-7-5 syllabic structure, the gateway is “elegant and easy to use,” the company said. Several “verses” of the release include:

Compatible, Samurai
Can send transactions,

To all processors.
With intelligent routing,
And other features

Like fair flat pricing,
Data portability
And emulation.

The company charges merchants $10 per month and $.10 per transaction to use Samurai.