2016 Cross-Border E-Commerce Survey2016 Cross-Border E-Commerce Survey

Global uncertainty resulted in a pause in cross-border e-commerce growth in 2016. How will your business react?

For the 4th year in a row, Payvision and CardNotPresent.com have partnered to survey global merchants and service providers to identify the opportunities and threats present in global expansion. See what characteristics and payment methods are the biggest drivers of cross-border e-commerce profitability and what markets make the most sense for you.

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The 2016 Omnichannel Payments Survey2016 Omnichannel Payments Survey

Connecting The Last Mile of Omnichannel

Omnichannel commerce—meeting your customers where, when and on the devices and terms they demand—has become a necessity in retailing. But, from a payments standpoint, it can be challenging to implement and confusing to know what to offer.

Our survey seeks to identify and quantify the most important issues facing retailers interested in meeting their customers’ demands in this area.

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2016 Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey

Mobile Payments & Fraud: 2016 Report Today, more than 87% of merchants support either a dedicated mobile site, mobile app for online shopping, or both. Yet only 62% of merchants are able to tell whether a transaction is coming from a computer or mobile device.

Download the full report – which includes 93 charts and page-after-page of useful data – to get the latest on payment and fraud trends in the mobile channel. You’ll enjoy a first look at a number of eye-opening revelations. Get all the facts – supported by cogent analysis – and discover how your operation compares to other companies in the eCommerce and mCommerce world.

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