PayVisors Launches Platform Update, Looks at Certification Programs for E-Commerce

Oct. 25, 2013

Jupiter, Fla.-based payments provider PayVisors today released an update of its UniPay platform for card-not-present transactions. The company, which said it prefers to think in terms of “Web commerce” rather than e-commerce or mobile payments as separate concepts, said the new version of the platform leverages PayVisor’s proprietary Processing and Remittance engine to enable one-time and recurring Web payments. Merchants also are able to accept direct ACH transactions in addition to credit and debit cards using the platform.

“The world of Web-based payments is rapidly evolving into a mission-critical function for many companies,” said Chad Roll, president of PayVisors. “It is no longer enough to just accept payments online; today’s landscape requires robust management tools to ensure the best possible transactional experience for customer and vendor alike. We believe that the ability to have all of the necessary functionality available in a single processor-agnostic code base sets UniPay apart from any other solution on the market today.”

Along with an updated platform, Roll and PayVisors are trying to spearhead a movement to establish an educational and certification standard in the online commerce industry, noting a lack among merchants and service providers of even basic payments knowledge. He cited successful efforts by Novell around network engineering in the 1980s as a model.

“I’ve watched evolutions come out around particular technologies—around the desktop, around the network and around the Internet. And, in each of those cases, what really solidified the industry was some company or group of companies getting behind a standardization or certification,” said Roll. “We see this with everyone we speak to. There is an administrative and engineering knowledge set that does not exist in a merchant setting.”