Payvision Launches Acapture

Oct. 1, 2015

Payvision Launches Acapture Dutch acquiring network Payvision on Tuesday launched Acapture, a new PSP providing payment solutions for omnichannel retailers that want to sell across borders. Payvision, which characterizes Acapture as its daughter company, said the new platform will enable cross-border e-commerce and physical point-of-sale transactions through a single platform.

“We know that merchants have become frustrated with the complexity of the online payment process, so we decided to approach it from a new angle. We designed a platform that is simple, fast and straightforward to use,” said John Snoek, vice president of Acapture. “As Acapture is not held down by any existing, bloated legacy platform, we built ours from scratch to suit the modern market. Developers can integrate our solution in a day and finance departments get a streamlined reconciliation process.”

Snoek said Acapture will serve merchants and online marketplaces directly and can white label its solution for PSPs.