PaymentOne API Enables Direct Carrier Billing for HTML5 Developers

Feb. 23, 2012

San Jose, Calif.-based mobile payments company PaymentOne has launched an API for developers using the HTML5 standard. The company says its PayOne HTML5 API provides an HTML5-compliant Web-based payment flow for developers of mobile games that enables gamers to charge in-game purchases to their phone bill. HTML5 is emerging as a popular development tool, PaymentOne says, because it provides the ability to develop once and reach all platforms while avoiding the walled-garden restrictions that characterize the traditional platform-specific app stores. “HTML5 makes every device a potential commerce opportunity for developers of games and apps,” said Brad Singer, PaymentOne executive vice president. “The rise of HTML5 means developers can easily expand their reach across platforms, and the PayOne HTML5 API lets developers build once and monetize everywhere via the open Web.” With its HTML5 support, Singer says its API makes it simple for developers to offer in-app mobile Web payments capabilities where gamers can place their in-app purchases directly on their mobile phone bill. PaymentOne says it has already processed in excess of $5 billion in direct-to-carrier billings with micro transactions typical of in-app purchases and game subscriptions for clients including Blizzard Entertainment, America Online, Gaia and WeeWorld.