Payelp, Cinify Monetize Video Content Globally

May 9, 2013

Payelp Global, a Los Angeles-based online payment gateway provider, this week said it has partnered with Cinify, an e-commerce platform that enables businesses to monetize online video content. Payelp will allow Cinify to expand the number of payment methods consumers around the world can use to access their clients’ video content including credit cards, PayPal, mobile payments and bank transfers. Cinify’s solution presents users with the top local payment method, based on IP address. Payelp said it will ensure that even more of those methods are available to Cinify users, increasing conversion for those content providers.

“We are excited to have Cinify as one of our global merchants,” said Albert Donahue, CEO of Payelp. “I am confident that Cinify’s revolutionary platform for online video distribution will change consumers’ approach and will bring new ways of distributing and monetizing entertainment content. There are so many possibilities within the Internet landscape and we see Cinify as a progressive leader, and a great tool for the entertainment industry that will open up a new generation of consumers.”