New Smart Card Uses Sound to Authenticate CNP Transactions

Aug. 9, 2010

Dialware, a Los Angeles-based provider of miniaturized wireless verification systems, recently launched the Beepcard smart card, to authenticate and authorize CNP transactions using sound. Based on patented acoustic technology, the company said the Beepcard communicates a digital cryptogram via sound waves, enabling a credit or debit card to perform highly secure wireless transactions from any PC, telephone, or mobile phone. Any “card-not-present” credit or debit card transaction can be completed with a Beepcard since the authentication and authorization process utilizes existing bank networks and card processing platforms. The card does not require a card reader, however, but rather a microphone and an internet or wireless carrier connection. The consumer’s confidential information associated with the card no longer resides on the card but rather with the card issuer and processor protected by industry standard PCI Compliance measures already in place. “The Beepcard solution delivers unparalleled security and fraud protection which is what e-commerce retailers have needed from the very beginning and what consumers now increasingly demand,” said David Markovich, vice president of sales and business development for Dialware. “Identity theft is preventable with the right security solutions in place and our technology can deliver unprecedented protection against fraud.”