Mobile Conversion Making Strides, Still Lags Desktop Traffic to e-commerce sites from mobile phones has surpassed Websites and, while mobile conversion remains a problem, there are clear signs it is on its way up, according to a new report from Demandware. In the Mobile Shopping Focus Report , the company identified starting a checkout as a sign of intent to purchase and noted checkout starts on mobile grew twice as fast as any other device. But, the study also found that checkouts started on mobile devices lagged the overall number by 26 percent.

“As mobile basket rate has increased, it has become clear that shoppers who do not ultimately buy on mobile are stalling at the checkout,” said Rick Kenney, head of insights for Demandware. “Notably, this means both sides of checkout. Most glaring is their reluctance to even begin the checkout process. Those who do begin checkout on mobile are also 11 percent less likely to complete it. There is hope, though. First, the growth of checkout starts is highest on mobile (slightly edging out tablets). More importantly, the winds of change are picking up, with advancements from PayPal and the recent news that Apple Pay is coming to mobile Web , shoppers have better tools and a streamlined path to purchase.”

The report identified several best practices to decrease friction in the mobile checkout process including removing navigation inside the mobile checkout, offering the option to check out as a guest, ensuring company information is simple to find and offering digital payment options like Apple Pay or PayPal.