MCX Chooses Gemalto to Build Mobile Wallet, Barcode at POS

April 22, 2013

Merchant-backed mobile payments initiative MCX has revealed that Dutch digital security provider Gemalto will build the MCX mobile wallet. Since the consortium of national retailers launched MCX nearly a year ago, details on the venture have been sparse. But, last week’s announcement indicated, at least initially, the MCX wallet will work at the POS via barcodes and that it will be cloud-based.

“Gemalto’s global experience and unparalleled expertise make it the ideal partner to develop a mobile wallet worthy of the stature of merchants backing MCX,” said MCX’s Dodd Roberts. “Our work with them over the past months leaves little doubt that MCX will benefit from their considerable technical expertise.”

Barring additions to the network, a fully deployed MCX will make mobile payments available at 35 retailers representing 75,000 locations.