MasterCard to Conduct “Selfie” Authentication Pilot In September, MasterCard is launching the first pilot test in the U.S. of the “pay-by-selfie” solution the company announced earlier this summer . MasterCard said it is conducting the pilot with employees of Mountain View Calif.-based First Tech Federal Credit Union. Two hundred of First Tech’s employees will be trialing the system, which enables users to authenticate in-app purchases using the camera on their smartphone to scan their faces or their fingerprints. The initial pilot will be in a closed environment and the subjects will not use real funds or biometrics.

“A recent MasterCard survey found that 83 percent of consumers are excited about new secure technologies helping to protect their financial information. In the same survey, three-fourths of consumers stated that they have heard of biometric payments,” said Catherine Murchie, senior vice president of U.S. Processing, Network & Enterprise Security Solutions for MasterCard. “We’re excited to be on the cutting edge of exploring biometrics and engaged in the first U.S. pilot with First Tech Federal Credit Union.”