KreditFly Launches One-Touch Payment App for Android

Aug. 8, 2011

KreditFly Inc., a mobile payments company based in Santa Clara, Calif., has launched a one-touch mobile payment app for Android devices. The company said it enables one-touch verification by granting short-term credit to first-time users, but stressed there is zero risk to developers and publishers because KreditFly guarantees this payment. Once registered, the company said users make repeat purchases by entering a short password to bill a payment method on file or deduct from a cash balance kept at KreditFly. “There is a big void in the Android market for a frictionless, in-app billing solution that can seamlessly convert paying users at low fees that make sense for developers and publishers,” said Paul Kim, founder and CEO of KreditFly. “KreditFly is now filling this void with a one-touch payment service that requires no user input, takes only seconds to complete, and charges half the fees of other services.” Android app developers and game companies using KreditFly include Aeria Games, Animoca, Big Blue Bubble, Big Point, Crowdmob, Gamania and Gamevil.