GigaOM, Stratecast Single Out Subscription-Billing Providers

March 25, 2013

As the subscription-billing model gains traction, two separate solution providers specializing in the technology made recent announcements. Late last week, technology media company GigaOM said it has chosen San Francisco-based Recurly to power online subscriptions for GigaOM Research. The seven-year old digital publishing company that started with a single blogger said thriving in a new media environment means turning readers into subscribers, according to GigaOM CEO Paul Wablorsky.

“Recurly gives us the platform to effectively convert our readers, manage their engagement, and build an on-going, intimate relationship,” Wablorsky said. “Their reporting gives us real-time visibility into our most valuable asset, our subscribers.”

Another San Francisco-based recurring-billing software company made a splash recently when it landed on a Top 10 list assembled by a major research and consultancy group. Stratecast, the telecommunications strategy research group of global consultancy Frost & Sullivan, has named Aria Systems to its “Global 10 OSS/BSS to Watch in 2013” list. The list is Stratecast’s attempt to identify companies that “deliver proven, innovative products that help Communication Service Providers (CSPs) transform operations and improve the customer experience.” Aria’s customers include many CSPs, such as the Danish cable company YouSee, that are trying to leverage the subscription-billing model in a hyper-competitive industry.