Giftango Chooses Vesta to Indemnify Online Purchases for Merchants

May 5, 2011

Portland, Ore. virtual gift card provider Giftango Corporation has partnered with Vesta Corporation to head off fraudulent mobile and online transactions. Vesta, an indemnified payments provider, will shoulder the risk of fraud inherent in instant delivery of virtual gift cards instead of Giftango’s merchants. “Both Vesta and Giftango understand that fraudulent transactions pose a serious risk to merchants, often causing them to lose money and time, which can often limit the products they sell,” said Vesta Corporation CEO, Doug Fieldhouse. “The combination of Vesta’s fraud management expertise and Giftango’s electronic gifting technology will deliver risk-free transaction acceptance for eGift merchants.” The companies said providing indemnification from transaction fraud is not something an inexperienced firm should take on for its merchants and selecting Vesta to manage this responsibility fully protects Giftango and its customers.