Forte, Tender Armor, ClearSale Breaking News around CNP Expo

May 19, 2016

Forte, Tender Armor, ClearSale Breaking News around CNP Expo The CNP Expo kicks off on Monday in Orlando, Fla. and several companies participating in the event made announcements this week regarding new products or their participation. Forte Payment Systems is using the event as a platform to unveil the most recent feature added to its product suite. The Allen, Texas-based online payment provider now can offer Account Updater to merchants that leverage a subscription model. Account Updater enables merchants to tap into the consistent revenue stream offered by recurring billing while avoiding declines by automatically updating credit-card account information that has changed. Forte will be exhibiting its solutions at booth 417 at the CNP Expo next week.

Tender Armor, an authentication technology provider, on Wednesday said it has launched its CvvPlus solution in Europe. CvvPlus generates a new CVV each day that issuers can text or email to cardholders when they make a card-not-present purchase. Merchants use CVV information—the three- or four-digit number that does not appear as part of the data on a magstripe or chip—as one method to ensure that the person making a CNP purchase on a Website, mobile device or over the phone is the actual cardholder. Madeline Aufseeser, CEO of Tender Armor, called the card-not-present channel the “front line of card fraud” that is “escalating at a rapid pace in Europe. Aufseeser is moderating a Tuesday afternoon panel at the CNP Expo assessing the state of the art in consumer authentication.

And, Brazilian antifraud technology provider ClearSale is bringing its solution to U.S. merchants at the event staring in a few days in Orlando. The company, which was founded 15 years ago by a former member of the Brazilian Olympic track and field team and made its solution available in the U.S. just a few weeks ago , is hoping to make a splash with American merchants at the CNP Expo. The company, one of a growing number of fraud prevention companies offering merchants a guarantee against chargebacks, will be demonstrating its Total Guaranteed Protection at booth 718.