Former NBA All Star Turns to CNP Fraud

June 1, 2015

Former NBA All Star Turns to CNP Fraud A former NBA player has put a face on what has usually been a faceless crime. Chris Gatling, a forward who played for eight different teams over an 11-year NBA career that included one All-Star Game appearance, was arrested in Scottsdale, Ariz. on Thursday and charged with fraud, aggravated identity theft and forgery. Police said Gatling stole credit card numbers from victims across the U.S. through a Scottsdale call center and online, then ran the stolen numbers through the credit-card systems of other businesses.

One of the businesses he allegedly used to monetize the stolen information was a fitness studio owned by person Gatling met in an online dating site. The former player told the owner he “operated Internet businesses that created websites for fixed credit.” He convinced not only her to charge credit card numbers for him via her business, offering her 10 percent of the dollar amounts charged, but also persuaded her to pay him the cash up front. When the chargebacks rolled in, the business was forced to close.

Gatling already is serving a four-year probation after a 2013 conviction for theft and forgery.