Ezic Adds Functionality to Gateway

Nov. 14, 2011

Chicago-based payment gateway provider Ezic, Inc. has launched “authorization reversal capability” on its gateway solution. The company said the new feature enables merchants to reverse any uncaptured authorizations on a credit card, immediately releasing the balance originally held, which would otherwise take up to seven days. This feature is available on the CardWorks, eGatePay, eCardon, MaxPayments, and First Data Nashville platforms. The company also released “cancel/undo support,” which allows merchants to undo any transaction type when possible. It enables them to reverse authorizations, as well as undo a refund or credit prior to settlement. “Ezic continues to add market-driven enhancements to its gateway in order to better serve our resellers,” says Bridget Mazzio, director of reseller development at Ezic. “By focusing on market-driven requirements, we help our resellers to gain a competitive edge in the market place.” The company noted that the new features are now live on the Ezic Gateway and are available to Ezic Resellers.