In addition to ongoing reporting on breaking news in the industry, produces resources—on our own and in partnership with leading companies in the industry—merchants can leverage every day to make better business decisions.

The CNP Expo, live Webinars, primary research and white papers found here provide invaluable, actionable intelligence enabling executives to make better decisions each day. Explore each section for specialized information beyond what you get twice weekly in the CNP Report.

The CNP Expo

The CNP Expo is the premier annual event for card-not-present merchants and service providers. Click here for all the information you need to plan for the 2017 CNP Expo in Orlando, Fla.

Live Webinars

Explore here for information on upcoming Webinars and for access to past events

Primary Research and partner companies generate some of the most anticipated annual research studies in the CNP industry. Click here to take any current surveys or to review past research at our partner Websites.

White Papers

In partnership with the most innovative companies in our space, authors and produces free papers on the most important topics affecting CNP businesses. Search and download white papers at partner Websites.

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