May 18-21 Caribe Royale Orlando

Agenda at a Glance

Monday, May 18

10AM - 5PM
Expo Registration Open
2PM - 5PM

Understanding the path for today’s payment processing:
Merchants instinctively understand how opening a new sales channel will generate more revenue. But e-commerce is fraught with challenges for newcomers. Our Boot Camp can help you not only avoid the pitfalls of setting up online payment processing but avoid the fraud that comes with it. At the CNP Expo Boot Camp, attendees will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of industry terminology
  • Learn how to optimize fees and rates
  • See the importance of securing payment information
  • Be able to identify and reduce chargebacks
  • Learn to spot emerging fraud trends
  • Discuss tactics to grow revenue and limit costs in CNP payments
  • An eye on the future with mobile and alternative payments
BootCamp Brigade CNP Expo 2015
2PM - 5PM
Grad School

A Customer Lifecycle View of Fraud Prevention:From the moment a new, unknown person arrives at your site through to identifying him or her as a loyal, repeat customer, CNP merchants are susceptible to fraud. This year, our Grad School program focuses on viewing fraud prevention through the lens of the entire customer lifecycle. What are the risks at each stage? How can you identify and manage them? What opportunities exist for growth? At the CNP Expo Grad School, attendees will: 

  • Learn how to spot fraudsters at account opening and emerging risks during enrollment
  • Understand techniques that can identify account takeovers and learn the right way to handle login/authentication of returning customers
  • See how new developments like EMV, NFC and tokenization are affecting individual transactions and how fraudsters are attacking them
  • Be able to Spot opportunities for growth by leveraging the insight and information of loyal customers

grad school


Tuesday, May 19

10AM - 7PM
Exhibit Hall Open
Networking Breakfast  
Welcome Address

Steve Casco, CEO,

Keynote: Jenny Fleiss, Rent The Runway

How the Subscription Model is Taking Over Fashion

Rent The Runway is the Netflix of high fashion and investors are betting on them in a big way. The five-year-old company most recently raised $60 million to continue its rapid growth and expand its subscription business that brings pricey designer apparel to the masses. Jennifer Fleiss, co-founder and head of business development at Rent the Runway will share how this hot e-commerce startup has turned omnichannel retailing on its head, grown to over 5 million members and why subscriptions work—not only for gym memberships and razor blades, but for red-carpet-ready designs too.

Jennifer Fleiss
Keynote: Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO, BlueSnap

2015: The Year of Experimentation

Remember the good times you had “experimenting” in college? Ok, maybe they’re a little hazy, but BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier believes this is the year for your company to experiment with payments like you’re back in college. Join Ralph and Editor-in-Chief D.J. Murphy for a freewheeling keynote discussion at the CNP Expo where he will explain why 2015 is the year to go a little wild with payments.

Ralph Dangelmaier
10AM - 10:30AM
Networking Break - IDchecker Reg Today
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10:30AM – 11:15AM

Review timeline of EMV implementation & liability shifts in the U.S. The panel will show historical data from countries that have previously implemented EMV & it’s impact on CNP transactions. Learn ways to prepare for the expected rapid increase of CNP fraud beginning in October 2015.

  • Moderator: Paul Tomasofsky, SRPc
  • Jackie Barwell - ACI Worldwide
  • Terry Dooley - Shazam Network
  • Tricia Lines Hill - First Atlantic Commerce (FAC)
  • George Peabody - Glenbrook Partners

From video games to razor blades, SaaS services to ‘Smart Homes,’ the attractiveness and efficiency of predictable, recurring revenue streams has resulted in an explosion of subscription business models. However, recurring billing operations required to power subscription models can be fraught with pitfalls. Our panel of subscription vets will highlight some of the most critical topics.

  • Moderator: Dan Burkhart, Recurly
  • Derek Blatter -
  • Melanie Stout Manuel - Paul Larsen Consulting
  • Tobi Walter - Shoeboxed
10:30AM – 11:15AM

Case Study 2015 CNP Expo

Securing the Contact Centre and Managing Risk
Case Study by Co-operative Response Center, Inc.

  • Paul Thompson, CFO/VP of Administration, Cooperative Response Center, Inc
  • Cameron Ross, Director of Payments Strategy, Eckoh
  • Dan Arntz, SVP Sales, West Corporation
11:30AM – 12:15PM
The Growing Problem of Fraud in Loyalty, Rewards and Couponing

Not all fraud losses are due to stolen credit cards. Increasingly, fraudsters are targeting loyalty and rewards programs and coupons to gain free products/services, sometimes at the expense of legitimate customers. We will discuss how points or miles programs are being exploited and counterfeit coupons are being produced and used. Hear about the impact these schemes have on legitimate customers, marketing metrics and the bottom line and share strategies for building and sustaining rewards and coupon programs that are less susceptible to exploitation.

  • Moderator:Nikhil Joseph - Mercator Advisory Group
  • Jane Beauchamp - Brand Technologies
  • Kristin Boorse - Experian Fraud & ID Solutions
  • Adam Taylor - Discover
Optimizing Your Payment Costs

The cost of accepting payments is a constant worry for merchants accepting card-not-present payments. Hear our panel discuss actionable strategies to control and optimize the cost of accepting online and mobile payments.

  • Moderator: Bob Jenisch - Boland Hill Media
  • Brian Compton - Veriprocess
  • Carla Erlick - Optimal Payments
  • Anne Fields - Crutchfield Corporation
  • Dan Kramer - Shazam Network
11:30AM – 12:15PM

Case Study 2015 CNP Expo

Growing Beyond Boundaries with Decision as a Service™ Fraud Prevention:
Case Study by and Forter

  • Liron Damri, Co-Founder and COO, Forter
  • Osher Karnowsky, General Manager, Jomashop
12:15PM – 1:15PM

Networking Lunch CyberSource

1:15PM – 2PM
Cross-Border Pitfalls in Europe

In cross-border e-commerce, most think Europe is a safe place to start. What seems like a simple step, however, is complex and many U.S. companies are making mistakes in a region they should be able to exploit.

  • Moderator: Peter Caparso - BlueSnap
  • Adam Bowman - PAY.ON
  • Ralf Gladis - Computop
  • Andre Malinowski - ModusLink

Learn from merchants who have successfully tackled account takeover issues which tools are most effective at identifying and preventing this advanced fraud method. Hear about effective, proactive alternatives to prevent account takeovers, including consumer education and required password resets.

  • Moderator: Seth Ruden - ACI Worldwide
  • Lawrence Baldwin - myNetWatchman
  • Brad Malloy - Riot Games
  • Denise Pollock - Walmart
  • Ryan Wilk - NuData Security
1:15PM – 2PM

Case Study 2015 CNP Expo

Sales Shine For Luxury Jeweler As Fraud Costs Plummet:
Case Study by Kount and Reeds Jewelers

  • Jack Alton, SVP of Sales, Kount
  • Mark deCausemeaker, Director of Multi-Channel Sales, REEDs Jewelers
2:15PM – 3PM

Tokenization has become a vital component of securing card-not-present transactions. In addition, it can provide a safe way to retain card information, which has been proven to increase sales.

  • Moderator: Rick Ricker - 3Delta Systems
  • Anubhav Gupta - Bell Howell
  • Tom Malin - Omega Engineering
  • Susan Wilson - JD Byrider

Fraud attack methods are continuously changing and evolving based on several factors. The best way to learn what is coming your way is to learn from the challenges that other merchants are currently facing.

  • Moderator: Brian Killeen - Accertify
  • Janice Stedman - Tommy Bahama
  • Dr. Stephen Topliss - ThreatMetrix
  • Chris Uriarte - Vesta
  • Jamon Whitehead -
3PM – 3:30PM
Networking Break - Fin-Serv Advisors Reg Today
3:30PM – 4:15PM
The Challenge of Validating Identities in a New Reality

Numerous data breaches have made it increasingly easy for criminals to get their hands on consumers’ personally identifiable information and increasingly difficult for merchants to tell if the person on the other end of a card-not-present transaction is who they purport to be. Our panelists discuss the state of authentication and the challenges of accurately identifying their customers.

  • Moderator: Tom Donlea - Whitepages Pro
  • Michael Hagen - IDchecker
  • Aaron Press - LexisNexis
  • Amador Testa - Emailage
PCI: Baseline, Not Failsafe

Data protection is becoming a hotter topic and more of a necessity for a business than ever before. While not a failsafe, being PCI compliant and being vigilant in understanding the locations of your data and who has access to it is the first step in keeping your company and consumer’s data secure.

  • Moderator: Troy Leach- PCI DSS Security Council
  • Gary Glover - SecurityMetrics
  • Joseph Kirkpatrick - KirkpatrickPrice
  • Rob Nathan - CardConnect
  • Kelly O'Brien - K&S Assoc.
4:30PM – 5:15PM
How Good Ol’ Fashioned Police Work Can Help Your Antifraud Efforts

Increasingly, fighting fraud in e-commerce means implementing sophisticated technology to identify fraudulent transactions and reject them. But what if more merchants closed the loop by initiating actual police investigations and helping to put away the bad guys?

  • Moderator: George Soto- Office Depot
  • Beatriz Binkley - NCFTA
  • Eric Boles - StubHub
  • Lisa Bolton - Food Service Warehouse
  • Skip Myers - Micro Center
Addressing Network Security in a New Reality

The last year has proven hackers are more motivated than ever to attack our networks and pilfer consumer and employee information. While it is important to focus on preventing these attacks, it is also important to prepare in case of a compromise that could be inevitable.

  • Moderator: Giles Witherspoon-Boyd -
  • Robert W Capps II - RedSeal, Inc.
  • Gregg Johnson - Lancera
  • Jeff Man - Tenable
  • Doug Meal - Ropes and Gray, LLP
5:30PM – 7PM
Networking Party

7:30PM - 12:30AM
buses to downtown disney

Wednesday, May 20

10AM - 3:30PM
Exhibit Hall Open
Networking Breakfast
Keynote: Nilam Ganenthiran: Rise of the Online Marketplace

Instacart is smoking hot. On the heels of a recent $220 million capital raise and having been named “The Most Promising Company in America” by Forbes, it has taken e-commerce by storm in one of the most difficult product categories imaginable: nationwide grocery delivery. Instacart has attained national attention by leveraging the online marketplace concept—a model that is growing, but still not well understood. Nilam Ganenthiran, Instacart's Head of Business Development & Strategy, discusses the company's vision as it pertains to online marketplaces. How should merchants evaluate the existential risks and accelerating opportunities offered through marketplace partnerships? Ganenthiran discusses implications around branding, data, privacy, financial performance and more...

Nilam Ganenthiran
Keynote: Trent Voigt, CEO, JetPay: Will History Repeat Itself?

Can the U.S. and Europe learn enough from each other to avoid the mistakes each region has made in their payments evolution? With its EMV migration, the U.S. is about to face the hard reality of CNP fraud that exploded in Europe after their move to EMV. And in the EU, the acquiring environment is shaking out now like the heady days of the 1980s and 90s in the U.S. In a keynote address at the CNP Expo Wednesday May 20, Trent Voigt, CEO of payments processor JetPay, will discuss how the experiences endured by businesses on opposite sides of the Atlantic can be leveraged by each of these regions to avoid some of the mistakes made in the past. Voigt discusses how Europe dealt with the surge in fraud that followed the implementation of Chip and PIN. And, for EU businesses, the lessons U.S. companies can share as the “wild west” in acquiring came to an end.

Trent Voigt
10AM - 10:30AM
Networking Break - IDchecker Reg Today
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10:30AM – 11:15AM
Something You Are, Something to Learn

As fraud continues to become more sophisticated, the tools that we use to verify the identities of our good customers need to adapt quickly and provide even more protection.

  • Moderator: Ron Mazursky - Market Innovations, Inc.
  • Shawn Edmunds - ValidSoft
  • David Lott - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Michael Orlando - FitPay

This session will be focused on the overall state of payments in the card-not-present world. Industry expert will discuss best practices and current items that should be on your agenda for the remainder of 2015. Second half of session will be dedicated to audience questions to “ask the experts.”

  • Moderator: Michael Liquornik - Fin-Serv Advisors
  • Claude Clausing - Elavon
  • John Faherty - OmniPay
  • Neeraj Gupta - Vantiv
  • Chris Marchand - Verifi
11:30AM - 12:15PM

As companies start to pay more attention to securing their Websites, their call centers are becoming more vulnerable. Our panel of experts explores how PCI rules increasingly apply to your call center and the steps every merchants needs to take to address this weakness in their compliance regime. Panelists will discuss technology available to recognize and reduce criminal threats--both internal and external, simplify PCI compliance, reduce your PCI scope and truly strengthen a company's overall security and exposure to fraud.

  • Moderator: Andi Cook - TNS
  • Patrick Brown - IntraNext
  • Roberta Gosselin - Amica  
  • Iain Johnston - Semafone
  • Cameron Ross - Eckoh

Chargebacks are a lot like the “check engine” light in your car – a symptom of a bigger problem that needs to be both investigated and fixed. It is important to understand how to study your chargebacks to learn more about your business, as well as to ensure that the controls you put in place to prevent more disputes will not impact good orders.

  • Moderator: Michael Roche - CardinalCommerce
  • Mostafa Beshir - Carnival Cruise Line
  • Mike Davis -
  • Guilherme Grund-Rafols - Expedia
12:15PM – 1:15PM
Networking Luncheon
1:15PM – 2PM

With the increase in mobile transactions, an increase in mobile-specific fraud is also on the rise. Learn the latest fraud attacks specific to mobile transactions and the nuances in managing these types of fraud. Hear from merchants on why it is important to track and identify mobile transactions from traditional web orders. Learn about the latest technology to identify & prevent mobile-specific fraud.

  • Moderator: Justin McDonald - The Fraud Practice
  • Chance Bowlin - Petco
  • Bernard McManus - Western Union
  • Rich Stuppy - Kount
  • Carl Tucker - CyberSource
Getting Your Hands Dirty

No matter how good our fraud prevention & identification tools are, manual reviews will always be a necessary evil. Hear from merchants how they have minimized the volume of manual reviews to improve their efficiency and enhanced the customer experience.

  • Moderator: Kyle Largent - New Balance
  • Paul Baer - Microsoft
  • Will Mowat - Shopify
  • Harold Paulson - eBay Enterprise
  • Tracey Stack - Crutchfield Corporation
2:15PM- 3PM

Just because you’re not an enterprise, doesn’t mean you can’t take substantive steps to reduce your likelihood of being breached. Small businesses, municipalities and institutions of higher learning can increase their network security using inexpensive strategies.

  • Moderator: Scott Zoldi - FICO
  • Charles Hoff - PCI University
  • Tom McDonald- Paladion
  • Ruston Miles - Bluefin
  • Joe Wysocki - Heartland Payment Systems

Aggregating, manipulating and analyzing petabytes of data in real time has become an insightful tool to learn much more about both your legitimate and illegitimate customers.

  • Moderator: Mike Schramm - Global eCommerce Channel Strategy
  • Stephen Lin - Smarter Travel Media
  • Michael Mings - FedEx
  • Nuno Sebastiao - Feedzai
  • Jason Tan - Sift Science
3PM – 3:30PM
Networking Break - Vindicia Reg Today
3:30PM - 4:15PM

Ticketing—from movies to travel to concerts to sports—has experienced as much migration to online and mobile channels as any merchant category, and fraud has followed. Our panel of experts looks at the challenges of fraud prevention in ticketing and offers lessons to other verticals as well.

  • Moderator: Karisse Hendrick -
  • Carolyn Davis - Ticketmaster / Live Nation
  • Jeff Mathena - TicketNetwork
  • David Stewart - VirginAmerica
  • Jennifer Watkins - ARC

Beyond the hype, what is it, how does it work, and why would you consider accepting it as a form of payment for your business? Hear from marquee merchants actively accepting bitcoin; why was it implemented, their overall experience and if this payment method has been a revenue generator.

  • Moderator: Perianne Boring - Chamber of Digital Commerce
  • Sam Anson - Microsoft
  • Judd Bagley -
  • Mark DeCausmeaker - Reeds Jewelers
  • John McDonnell - Bitnet
4:30PM - 5:15PM

Sometimes, payments and fraud departments feel like they are not properly valued within their organizations. Our panel of merchants discusses how to raise your profile within and your importance to your company. Hear how other merchants have quantified their value within their own company, ensuring they receive the resources they need to protect their organization’s bottom line.

  • Moderator: Jack Alton - Kount
  • Robbie Fritts - OpenTable
  • YingYing Pang - Smarter Travel Media
  • Broderick Williams - HSN

While we think governments move slowly, the regulatory and legislative environment on the state, federal and global levels is changing daily and significantly impacts your business. Our panel of experts will help you understand pending and future regulatory and legislative developments that will impact you in the next 1-5 years, sort out the big picture in the U.S., Europe and elsewhere and understand how to navigate through these rules and be compliant by important deadlines.

  • Moderator: Jason Oxman - ETA
  • Amy Mushahwar - ZwillGen PLLC
  • Amy Pierce - Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Jeffrey Thaler - BillTech
  • Alphonse Voigt - EBANX
6PM - 7PM
Post-Award Party

Awards Party Moved Inside Due to Threat of Inclement Weather
Join us for food, drink and a celebration unlike any other as we present the winners of the 2015 CNP Awards with their trophies. This is a time to kick back and relax with colleagues and friends you have made over the last three days. Once the awards have been passed out, the party doesn't end thanks to our post-awards celebration sponsored by Adyen.

Reg Today

Thursday, May 21

Networking Breakfast
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9AM - 9:45AM

While the Internet knows no borders, there are specific things to consider, both from a fraud and payments perspective, when entering a new country. In this session we will focus primarily on two regions showing the most economic opportunity: China & India.

  • Moderator: Joe Emig - Payvision
  • Cleveland Brown - Payscout
  • LaTrisha Cantella - GoDaddy
  • Raymond Qu - Geoswift
  • Bharathi Ramavarjula - Facebook

As merchants get better at detecting fraud, a common concern is the unknown amount of orders that are being declined in error. Learn ways merchants are calculating and reporting their insult rates, discuss ways to lower insult rates through rule refinement and continual process review and hear how accurate reporting of decreasing insult rates will demonstrate revenue generation to executives.

  • Moderator: Noam Inbar - Forter
  • Keith Briscoe - Ethoca
  • Roberto Girolami - Expedia
  • Colin Sims -
  • Michael Wiggins - Accesso
10 AM– 10:45AM

In 2014, over 19% of all e-commerce sales were made on a mobile device. This trend is continuing to increase at rapid speeds, meaning it is important for merchants to stay informed about what technologies are available and which will last long enough to justify implementation.

  • Moderator: Karen Coffey - W.Capra Consulting Group
  • Wendy MacKinnon Keith - Digital Retail Apps
  • Phil Levy - First Data
  • Shaunt Sarkissian - Cortex MCP, Inc

The ability to offer a seamless shopping experience from the store to online, mobile and other channels is becoming a must for merchants of all sizes. But this can sound a lot easier than it is when you try to streamline all areas of your business.

  • Moderator - Beth Horowitz Steel - innoburst, LLC
  • Will Brooks - Shoe Gallery
  • Zeke Hamdani - Celerant Technology
  • Laura Lively - Advanced Auto Parts
  • Chester Ritchie - WorldPay
11 AM - 11:45AM

Beyond understanding the unique qualities of a PSP, in which countries does it make the most sense to process payments through a PSP versus a standard acquirer?

  • Moderator: Morgan Andrews - Propel Payments Advocates
  • Eric Benayoun - PayItSimple
  • Gregory Leos - GlobalCollect
  • Marlen Prato - First Data

A significant, and increasing, population of consumers cannot qualify for or do not want bank accounts or credit cards. For these “underbanked” shoppers, general purpose reloadable and closed-loop gift cards are the primary means by which they transact online.

  • Moderator: Kathy Tomasofsky - Two Sparrows Consulting
  • Priya Dozier - FIS
  • Sergio Fogel - Astropay
  • Curt Haid - Ria Financial
Thanks for joining us for the 2015 CNP Expo
See you in 2016!
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