May 23-26 Loews Royal Pacific

Agenda at a Glance

Monday, May 23 | Registration Open 10am-5pm

Boot Camp Cybersource

E-commerce, mobile and omnichannel initiatives are underway at your company—or soon will be. For companies or employees new to online commerce, having a fundamental understanding of the card-not-present payments and fraud landscape is vital. Our Boot Camp can help you not only avoid the pitfalls of setting up online payment processing but avoid the fraud that comes with it.

  • Gain a basic understanding of industry terminology
  • Learn how to optimize fees and rates
  • See the importance of securing payment information
  • Be able to identify and reduce chargebacks
  • Learn to spot emerging fraud trends
  • Discuss tactics to grow revenue and limit costs in CNP payments
Grad School

Like professionals in any industry CNP executives need continuing education. The CNP Expo Grad School offers a half-day Master’s class in CNP payments and fraud that will alert you to the latest trends and new technologies that will make you more effective than ever. Whatever your area of responsibility, this more sophisticated look at the space will leave you prepared to tackle any issue during the rest of the conference.

  • How recent developments in technology can affect your relationships with your processing partners
  • What methods cutting-edge fraudsters are using against you
  • Discuss new methods to control your CNP payment costs
  • Explore new markets and new technology to grow your business
5pm-6pm Merchant Mixer

Monday, May 23 | Tuesday, May 24 | Wednesday, May 25 | Thursday, May 26

Tuesday, May 24 | Exhibit Hall Open 10am-7pm | Registration Open 7:30am-7pm

7:30-8:30am Networking Breakfast register
8:30-10:00am Welcome Address and Keynotes
10:00-10:30am Networking Break register
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**Deeper Dives: While our entire educational program delivers actionable content, these sessions are designed to take a detailed look at more sophisticated or specialized areas of CNP payments, fraud and security.

10:30-11:15am Crossing the Rubicon: How to engage in and improve cross-border e-commerce

As companies plan to expand into global markets, perhaps the most understated challenge is setting up the right payment methods in the right way for each country. Hear our experts explain:

  • How taxes, cross-border fees and local government regulations can impact a cross-border launch.
  • That one size or one payment method does not fit all, especially in different regions around the world
  • Differences between cross-border and domicile processing and how choosing the right partners can make your company’s entry a success
Positive Charge: What’s so friendly about friendly fraud?

“Friendly fraud” is a chargeback issued by the cardholder when the cardholder participated in the transaction. While this can be frustrating to CNP merchants, many have learned how to better prevent these chargebacks and to recover funds by responding effectively. Our experts will explain:

  • Process changes at the time of purchase that can be implemented to reduce friendly fraud
  • Successful response strategies that maximize the potential for recovering revenue
  • How to manage customer behavior to detour future chargebacks and financial loss
EMV—The B Sides: Beyond fraud, the unintended consequences for CNP **

Now that the EMV liability shift in the card-present world has come and gone, CNP merchants are concerned about an increase in fraud attempts. But, beyond the possibility of future fraud, are there any other impacts to CNP we should be aware of? Our experts will discuss:

  • Whether the mass re-issuance of credit cards has negatively impacted subscription and card-on-file business models
  • The actual likelihood of a spike in CNP fraud attempts once EMV is fully implemented
  • Possible opportunities to grow CNP businesses in the wake of a more difficult in-store experience
11:30-12:15pm No Recurring Nightmares: How a subscription-billing model can work for you **

While subscription business models can promise consistent, recurring revenue, they also contain challenges and pitfalls that can result in unnecessary lost sales. Our experts will discuss:

  • The importance of reporting and data analysis in subscription billing and how metrics should be measured and tracked
  • Implementing authorization optimization strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction
  • The challenges specific to subscription merchants and strategies that maximize recurring revenue
Not on My Account! Examining the rising tide of account takeover and account creation fraud

Account takeovers and account creation fraud are difficult to handle—and increasingly popular. Fraudsters are taking advantage of existing accounts to sneak past fraud detection or attempting to fraudulently create a new account. Top fraud prevention experts will discuss:

  • Current tactics and issues merchants are facing with these two types of fraud attack methods
  • Ways to combine internal processes with external tools to detect and prevent ATO and account creation fraud
Network Security: A double-edged sword for CNP merchants

E-commerce retailers can get snared twice by breaches: hackers prize the information their customers use to pay, drawing attacks AND criminals are turning right back to CNP merchants to monetize the stolen data.

  • Our panel looks at network security best practices that can keep you safe now and later
12:15-2:00pm Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45pm Crossing the Rubicon: Selling cross-border in Asia **

The demand in Asia for goods and services from Western companies creates a perfect opportunity for expansion, especially in China—the world’s largest e-commerce market. However, cultural differences, unique payment systems and the potential for fraud have forced some companies to retreat from selling in the region. Our experts will explain:

  • Cultural expectations of consumers that merchants must adapt to
  • Payment methods and forms of acceptance (domiciled vs. cross-border) that work best for each business model and target consumer audience
  • Fraud and security concerns of doing business in Asian markets and how to protect your business
Keep it Real: Assessing the state of the art in consumer authentication

A static password no longer assures the actual owner is the one signing into an account or using a credit card. Authenticating a user either before a purchase or at the time of the purchase can lead to fewer manual reviews and false positives. Our panel of experts will:

  • Discuss the benefits of authentication for both digital and physical delivery business models
  • Explain the various methods of authenticating users and the benefits of each
  • Provide strategies to apply authentication that reduce manual review rates and false positives
PCI: What the PCI Council has in store for you next **

Full PCI compliance does not mean your customers’ payment (and other) information is safe—but it’s a good start. A panel of PCI experts discusses:

  • The most important actions ensuring compliance with the PCI DSS standards and additional measures every company should consider
  • New proposals that could have profound effects on your business and the burden of compliance
3:00-3:45pm Call Me! The special challenge of taking payments through your call center

Call centers do not get the same attention as other CNP sales channels, but billions of dollars are transacted over the phone annually. Fraud, PCI compliance and payment costs can affect call-center transactions every bit as much as e-commerce ones.

  • Fraud over the phone—how it’s different from an online environment
  • Best practices for addressing PCI compliance in your call center
Many Hands Make Light Work: Optimizing the manual review process

No matter how advanced fraud prevention tools have gotten, a human review of all the factors in an order is a standard layer in CNP fraud prevention. But with streamlined resources and processes, they can be done faster and more efficiently than ever. Our experts will discuss:

  • Streamlining the manual review process to reduce time spent reviewing orders
  • Creative ways to utilize verification tools to make manual reviews more accurate
  • Metrics and data to actively review to continually measure and improve the manual review process
The Road Not Token: How you should be thinking about tokenization **

While the wider world is talking about EMV, card-not-present merchants know this technology does not protect them. Tokenization has emerged as an important way to secure CNP transactions. During this panel, learn:

  • What tokenization actually means and the right way to implement it for your business
3:45-4:15pm Networking Break register
4:15-5:00pm 2-Point Conversion: The best conversion strategies for mobile and online payments

Online conversion is bad. Mobile is worse. How are merchants going to tap the unlimited potential of e-commerce if the user experience drives so many of them to abandon their purchase? Our panel looks at:

  • Best practices for optimizing conversion within the checkout process
  • Online vs. mobile conversion: what’s the same and what’s different?
Mobilize Your Defense: Different challenges in mobile fraud

Online mobile payment transactions—both in-app and mobile Web—are exploding and fraud is rising right along with them. During this session, learn from our experts:

  • How retailers and stakeholders perceive mobile fraud and how it differs from other forms of CNP fraud
  • How fraud affects native apps and mobile Websites differently and steps you can take to fight it in each channel
Session in Development
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Monday, May 23 | Tuesday, May 24 | Wednesday, May 25 | Thursday, May 26

Wednesday, May 25 | Exhibit Hall Open 10am-4:30pm | Registration Open 7:30am-5pm

7:30-8:30am Networking Breakfast register
8:30-10:00am Welcome Address and Keynotes
10:00-10:30am Networking Break register
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**Deeper Dives: While our entire educational program delivers actionable content, these sessions are designed to take a detailed look at more sophisticated or specialized areas of CNP payments, fraud and security.

10:30-11:15am My Wallet’s Gone! The 2nd mobile wallet renaissance from a CNP perspective

It’s been more than 18 months since Apple Pay kicked off the second generation of the wallet wars, with Google, Samsung, Chase, Walmart and others joining the fray. Our expert panel looks at:

  • Mobile wallet adoption globally and roadblocks to further uptake
  • The state of in-app and online payments from the major services
  • Which wallets your business should accept and why
Keep it Real: Why KYC is so vital **

For some business models, including marketplaces and lending services, it is vital to validate that every seller or customer is not only who they say they are but can be trusted to responsibly utilize the service. Our experts will:

  • Share successful strategies to create and improve “Know Your Customer” processes
  • Discuss the importance of an automated work flow that quickly verifies the good customers and challenges the risky ones
  • Discuss current compliance and regulations required when performing KYC reviews
Be PRepared: The keys to effective communications after you’ve been breached

The aftermath of a security breach is a chaotic and dangerous time for any business. A communications and response plan should be firmly established well in advance for when the (not so) unthinkable happens.

  • What, when and how your company should disclose to the public details of a network intrusion
  • Should you engage an outside crisis response team or handle post-breach PR in house?
  • The good, the bad and the ugly from past retailer data breaches
11:30-12:15pm Crossing the Rubicon: Selling cross-border in Europe **

European CNP commerce is evolving toward a single digital market with changing regulations. Hear our experts discuss:

  • Recent EU regulatory changes impacting CNP commerce
  • Acceptance best practices for SEPA and other EU specific payment methods
  • Current issues and circumstances impacting cross-border payment acceptance in the EU
Build or Buy? How to establish a fraud department in your company

Cookie-cutter fraud tools and processes do not work for all merchants.. It can be overwhelming to determine which tool is best for your business. One of the biggest decisions a merchant has to make is whether to go with a third-party fraud solution or to build one internally. Our experts will debate:

  • The pros and cons of utilizing internal data and resources to build a custom fraud prevention system
  • The benefits and challenges of implementing a third-party solution to detect and prevent fraudulent orders
W3C: The search for standards in online payments

Al Gore claimed to have invented the Internet, but Tim Berners-Lee was really there. Join this session to learn why online payments have become so important that Berners-Lee’s World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has turned its attention on them.

  • Learn why standards are important for mobile payment adoption
  • Get updated on W3C’s progress toward developing them
12:15-2:00pm Networking Lunch
2:00-2:45pm Steer Clear: Steering consumers to lower cost payment methods

Some payment methods cost more than others—sometimes significantly. Savvy merchants have started actively steering consumers towards the less expensive choices. Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • How much time and resources it takes to effectively steer consumers toward less expensive payment methods
  • Steering behavior within card brand and government rules
  • Out-of-the-box ideas and examples of effective incentives  for modifying consumers’ payment choices
Positive Charge: Proactive steps that can reduce your chargebacks **

Most merchants don’t realize chargebacks can be prevented. Data analysis determining root causes and process changes in your business can reduce overall chargeback volume and improve customer satisfaction. The expert panelists will explain:

  • Common causes for chargebacks and internal process changes that reduce revenue losses
  • How to review current chargebacks to determine why customers contact their bank to issue disputes
  • How to implement changes and measure the impact on chargeback reduction rates
Merchant2Merchant: Exclusive Q&A for merchants only

Even the most successful payments and fraud departments have questions and a desire to improve. These gaps are like missing puzzle pieces. While some open puzzle pieces can be supplied by conference speakers and service providers, some are best provided by other merchants who have gone through the same issues. In this merchant-only session, merchants will get the chance to:

  • Be divided into small groups based on interest and business models
  • Ask questions of fellow merchants about best practices and benchmark their own processes in a vendor-neutral space
  • Make connections to reach out to throughout the year



3:00-3:45pm Crossing the Rubicon: Selling cross-border in South America and Latin America **

The payments landscape in South and Central America has been anything but predictable the last few years. However, the opportunity to provide goods and services in these markets could outweigh the issues for your business. Our panelists will discuss:

  • How to overcome the volatility of accepting payments in LATAM countries
  • Successful strategies to reduce high decline rates and cross-border fees
  • Types of partner companies that can assist your company in navigating the South American
I’ve Never Been So Insulted! Strategies to reduce false positives **

Unfortunately, fraudulent orders do not arrive with flashing lights and sirens. As fraud tactics become more advanced, bad orders can appear good and good orders can sometimes appear bad. Canceling a good order can have a ripple effect on a business, but can be difficult to measure or prevent. Our panel will provide:

  • Expert suggestions to measure false-positive rates
  • Strategies that reduce false positives by determining and resolving the reason for e cancellation
Lay of the Legal Land: Review of legislation that could affect your CNP business

Legal and regulatory insiders discusses what’s coming out of Washington, Brussels and state legislatures everywhere.

  • From consumer protection and tax issues to privacy and KYC, understand the regulatory environment from a federal and state perspective in the U.S.
  • What is new in the PSD2?
  • Regulatory issues in China and other jurisdictions that affect cross-border e-commerce
3:45-4:15pm Networking Break register
4:15-5:00pm Seamless in Seattle: Understanding the challenges of omnichannel payments **

While people who work in retail and payments know it as omnichannel commerce, consumers know it simply as buying stuff. They want to be able to shop, compare, pay, return and ask for help on the devices they want, in the places they want and with the people they want. Our panel of experts:

  • Examines omnichannel commerce from a payments perspective
  • Discusses how retailers can overcome the processing and reporting challenges inherent when e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retail collide
  • Looks at the disparate challenges facing online pure plays and brick-and-mortar-only retailers who want to go omnichannel
Positive Charge: Best practices for responding to chargebacks **

Receiving a chargeback does not have to mean that revenue is gone forever. By responding to notifications in a strategic way, merchants can recover significant amounts of the revenue lost to chargebacks each year. Our panel of experts will discuss:

  • How to selectively respond to the reason codes that are most likely to result in reversals
  • Creating documentation that will likely result in returned revenue
  • The benefits and challenges of managing chargebacks in-house vs. outsourcing rebuttal efforts
Can’t We All Just Get Along? Establishing a good working relationship with your acquirer

For a merchant, their acquiring bank is their primary connection to the payments world. It’s how they accept payments and how they get paid. For some merchants, that relationship is not what they had hoped and not what it could be. Our panelists discuss:

  • How to communicate your business effectively with your bank and acquirer
  • Questions you should ask that will result in actionable guidance
  • How to establish yourself as more than a commodity to your bank.
5:30-7:30pm CNP Awards Party BlueSnap register

Monday, May 23 | Tuesday, May 24 | Wednesday, May 25 | Thursday, May 26

Thursday, May 26

8:00-9:00am Networking Breakfast register
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**Deeper Dives: While our entire educational program delivers actionable content, these sessions are designed to take a detailed look at more sophisticated or specialized areas of CNP payments, fraud and security.

9:00-9:45am Remote Control: Focusing on mobile Web and in-app capability vs. mPOS

Mobile payments at the POS is where all the attention is, but mobile payments via the Internet is where all the transactions are. In this session:

  • Understand the numbers gap between online and in-store transactions
  • Learn why you should be spending more time on mobile Web and in-app payment capability
  • Hear best practices for implementing online mobile payments for your business
Many Hands Make Light Work: Using big data to reduce manual reviews **

While manual reviews have always been a staple in fraud prevention strategies, many top merchants are exploring ways to greatly reduce and even eliminate the need for this time-consuming process. From our experts, you will learn:

  • How to utilize big data and reporting to reduce the need for manual reviews
  • How to layer different types of fraud systems to filter orders through an automated workflow
  • How fewer manual reviews impact customer satisfaction
Not Your Father’s Bitcoin: Leveraging the blockchain in payments

Conversations about Bitcoin have given way in the last year to the technology that underlies cryptocurrency: the blockchain. What are the ramifications for merchants and payment providers

  • Is Bitcoin—and other cryptocurrencies—still viable as an online payment method
  • How can companies in the CNP ecosystem leverage the blockchain in other ways
10:00-10:45am From Nothing to Something: Building a fraud department from the ground up **

Even today, not every CNP merchant has a fraud department. For those that don’t, it can seem overwhelming to consider building a band new unit within your company. Our panel looks at:

  • Demonstrating ROI that convinces your leadership to devote resources to properly reduce fraud losses
  • Determining the human and system resources needed to have a layered fraud defense
  • Which metrics should be measured and reported internally to your team and externally to management to demonstrate the impact of your team
The New Normal: Will biometric technology replace passwords any time soon? **

Account takeovers and brute force attacks have proven that passwords are not a reliable security measure. New technology is providing ways to authenticate users accurately. Our experts will discuss:

  • How different biometric technologies can add a new level of account security
  • The possibility of added friction and how to create a strategy that overcomes this challenge
  • Ways to utilize biometric technologies to reduce false positive rates
Session in Development


11:00-11:45am State Your Case: The state of CNP payments?

This session will be focused on the overall state of payments in the card-not-present world. Industry experts will discuss best practices and answer questions about payment topics that should be on your radar for the remainder of 2016.

  • What are the most important issues in payments and why should you be paying attention?
  • Ask our experts about the issues most pressing to your business


E-Ticket Ride: Fraud lessons from the ticketing world

The e-ticketing industry—with its low profit margins and high losses—is ripe for some of the most innovative fraud attempts. The cutting-edge fraud prevention techniques it has had to develop can be valuable to all other verticals.

  • How they layer fraud prevention tools and processes to detect and prevent high volumes of attempted fraud
  • Different fraud tactics attempted on ticketing sites and how they have learned to prevent them
  • Answers to audience questions regarding practical fraud prevention management strategies
Session in Development



Adjournment: Thanks for joining us for the 2016 CNP Expo