May 19-22 Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate

Agenda at a Glance

Monday, May 19

10AM - 5PM
Expo Registration Open
2PM - 5PM
Boot Camp

What Every CNP Merchant Should Know:
Navigating Today's Challenging Payments Eco-System

  • The State of The Payments Union; 2014 Threats Update
  • Effective Payment Processing; Getting Set Up For Success
  • Protecting Your Sales Process From Fraud; Pre-Sales Trends and Tools
  • Post-Sale Challenges/Considerations; Effective Chargeback Management
  • Maximizing Your Billing and Customer Retention Efforts
  • Mobile and Emerging Payments

Reg TodayThe CNP Boot Camp has been specially programmed for attendees to learn as much as possible—as quickly as possible—about accepting card-not-present transactions and the complex issues surrounding them. The Boot Camp was developed in response to feedback from merchants and industry executives and will provide campers a knowledge base enabling them to optimize their time and get the most they can out of the rest of the Expo.

2PM - 5PM
Grad School

The Next Step:
Profit from New Markets and New Realities

  • Evolving business models: ISO to PSP
  • Expanding from the US to global markets
  • Landing in Europe: a regulatory approach
  • Fraud challenges for international expansion
  • Mobile Payments: business models around the world
  • Navigating Alternative Payments in three dimensions

Reg TodayBased on the phenomenal success last year of our Boot Camp workshop, this year we are serving the other end of the spectrum. We will be offering a Grad School program, designed for veteran payments professionals, that will offer a more sophisticated look at the issues under debate in CNP payments and what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. This session will be will be offered free of charge to all registered attendees, and will run simultaneously with the Boot Camp Workshop.

Tuesday, May 20

10AM - 7PM
Exhibit Hall Open
Continental Breakfast  
Welcome Address

Steve Casco, CEO,

Keynote: Sarah McIlroy - Founder FashionPlaytes, and

Empowering Shoppers Through Community, Content and Commerce

Today, e-commerce is so much more than selling product. It’s about empowering and engaging the next generation of consumers through the convergence of community, content and commerce. In this keynote address, FashionPlaytes founder Sarah McIlroy shares what makes the business so sticky (customers spend more than 30 minutes per session on the site and come back several times a week) and how the FashionPlaytes community grew and empowered its young audience. When companies not only listen to their customers but empower them to influence product design and development, it can be a winning scenario.

Keynote: Brian Krebs - Investigative Journalist

The First Word In Security

In December, Brian Krebs was the first reporter to break the news of massive security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus and Michael’s and has done more to make the public aware of network security than any other working journalist. An investigative reporter at the Washington Post for 15 years, Krebs launched his own blog that has become both the first and the last word on computer security. Payment security is under attack and Krebs’ keynote details just how bad it is and what can be done.

10AM - 10:30AM
Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall Reg Today
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10:30AM – 11:15AM
CNP Fraud
Can We Stem the Tide?

The trends are clear: card-not-present fraud is bad, and it’s only going to get worse. As techniques being implemented worldwide continue to focus on counterfeit and other forms or card-present fraud, e-commerce, mobile and omnichannel merchants know the picture is not as rosy for them. Our panel looks at trends in state of card-not-present fraud and the best ways to stem the rising tide and save your company money.

  • Moderator: Aaron Press - LexisNexis Risk Solutions
  • Julie Fergerson - Ethoca
  • Eido Gal - Riskified
  • Harold Paulson - eBay Enterprise
Manual Labor
Order Analysis - Manual Reviews = More Profits

Manual reviews of possibly fraudulent online transactions are labor intensive and costly. This session will explore how to wring efficiency out of the manual review process and how and when to automate.

  • Moderator: Chris Logel - Shoe Carnival, Inc.
  • Chance Bowlin - Petco Animal Supplies
  • Paul Mazerac - Walt Disney Co.
  • Tracy Stack - Crutchfield Corporation
11:30AM – 12:15PM
Payment Optimization
The New E-Commerce Revenue Driver?

What if the most important sales driver for Ecommerce was optimized payment strategy? This panel will focus on best practices that enhance the customer experience and payment processing. Our experts demonstrate how payment optimization is actually a key driver of online revenues. Highlights include the design of Web payment pages, utilizing 1-click payment, A/B testing, the choice of local payment methods, how to handle recurring payments in an optimal way through various sales channels (desktop, mobile/tablet, POS) and many more.

  • Moderator: Luke Salinas - Adyen
  • Scott Engel - Rhapsody International Inc.
  • Dennis Keller - Garmin International
Best Practices in Chargeback Management

Chargebacks continue to be the bane of the CNP merchant’s existence. This panel will examine best practices in chargeback management and look at some of the best solutions available to limit friendly fraud and the chargebacks associated with it in your business.

  • Moderator: Justin McDonald - The Fraud Practice
  • Monica Eaton - Chargebacks911
  • Rick Lynch - Verifi
  • Michael Mallon - Accertify
12:15PM – 1:15PM

Networking Luncheon

1:15PM – 2PM
Are Biometrics the Authentication Answer?

More and more authentication technologies are emerging leveraging the one thing that is clearly identifiable as our own: our bodies. Hear how fingerprints, voices and even faces are being used to identify consumers and authenticate card-not-present transactions now and in the future.

  • Moderator: Andi Cook - Transaction Network Services Inc.
  • Christopher Bailey - NuData Security
  • Bill Clark - Spindle
  • Blair Cohen - authenticID
International Expansion

The BRIC countries remain hot for companies seeking to expand their business beyond their own borders. Panelists in this session outline some of the challenges specific to each region along with the significant opportunities they each present.

  • Moderator: Adam Bowman - PAY.ON Inc.
  • Philipp Bock - allpago
  • Ralf Gladis - Computop
  • André Malinowski - ModusLink Corporation
  • Alphonse Voigt - EBANX
2:15PM – 3PM
Card Not Needed
Bitcoin's Path to Acceptance

Bitcoin and other digital currencies are traveling a winding-and sometimes bumpy-road. But cryptocurrencies have arrived, are here to stay and are radically changing the landscape of online payments. Mainstream merchants that incorporate digital currency as a payment option benefit from new customers, increased margins, lower processing fees and the elimination of cross-border fees, chargebacks and fraud risk. Don't miss this opportunity to hear digital-currency thought leaders detail how merchants and service providers can safely and easily accept Bitcoin.

  • Moderator: George Peabody - Glenbrook Partners
  • Jose Caldera - IDMPay
  • Vanesa Martinez - Destinia
  • John McDonnell - Bitnet Technologies
  • Andy Phlippson - BitPay
Cloudy with a Chance of Mobile

Whether you think the mobile payments revolution is coming or it’s already here, retailers are paying attention. Putting account details in the cloud and accessing them with a mobile device has ramifications on security, user experience and more. Hear the thoughts of our experts on how cloud computing will change how retailers accept payment.

  • Moderator: Karen Coffey - Wcapra
  • Jason Oxman - ETA
3PM – 3:30PM
Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall Reg Today
3:30PM – 4:15PM
E-Commerce's Gates of Heaven

Evaluating which gateway to use for card acceptance—or to use one at all—can be daunting for merchants. Transparency on pricing and performance has not always been easy to come by. Hear our experts discuss what you should think about when considering a gateway provider.

  • Moderator: Justin Benson - Spreedly
  • Calra Erlick - Optimal Payments
  • Ashley Forsyth - Transaction Network Services
  • Louis Kerns - Shopify
The 800-LB. Gorilla
EMV Liability Shift is Looming

With the liability shift nearly two years away, the U.S. looks to other countries for a roadmap of what will happen. The verdict for CNP merchants? Fraud. And lots of it. Our panel looks at the migration to EMV and what merchants can do to prepare as fraudsters turn from counterfeit fraud to CNP channels.

  • Moderator: Catherine Johnston- ACT Canada
  • Dan Kramer - Shazam
  • Paul Tomasofsky - Secure Remote Payment Council
4:30PM – 5:15PM
Are PINS the Key to Increasing Debit-Card use Online?

Increasingly advanced authentication methods are littering the card-not-present landscape, but what about the simple (and well known) method of entering a PIN? Could it goose debit use online? Our panelists discuss the state of online PIN Debit and if it can still become a fraud-fighting force.

  • Moderator: TBA
  • John Ambrose - Interac Association
  • Terry Dooley - Shazam
  • Nandan Sheth - Acculynk
Online Marketing in a Mobile Age

Reaching e-commerce customers in the era of mobile devices and social media is a brand new ball game. Our panel looks at some of the most effective new and traditional marketing techniques for online retailers including responsive Web design, movements in social interaction, retargeting/remarketing and search.

  • Moderator: Greg Raiz - Raizlabs
  • Taylor Hazlehurst - Creative Factory
  • Jackie Shinfield - Blake, Cassels & Graydon
5:30PM – 7PM
Around the World Party In The Exhibit Hall

CNP Expo Party

Wednesday, May 21

Continental Breakfast
Reg Today
Keynote: Jeff Thorness - Omnichannel: More than a buzzword

Merchants that continue to silo the mobile and e-commerce sales channels separately from their physical store do so at their own risk. The advantages they provide in the form of actionable data and customer interaction-before, during and after a sale-have forced retailers to think about integrating digital technology completely and seamlessly into a cohesive sales strategy. Our experts look at how merchants can successfully weave the digital and physical channels into a comprehensive whole.

9:15AM - 9:45AM
Keynote: Greg Selkoe - The Czar of Street, Founder of

Greg Selkoe, inspired by the “verge culture” around hip-hop, skateboarding and urban style, founded to provide universal access to streetwear brands that were difficult to find in most places. By leveraging a pure e-commerce model he was able to build a cutting-edge—but niche—concept into a $200 million juggernaut with a fiercely loyal customer base. Karmaloop has grown to become the largest online provider of streetwear in the world.

10AM - 10:30AM
Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall Reg Today
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10:30AM – 11:15AM
The New Omnivores
Even the Little Guy Can Leverage Every Channel

A truly omni-channel strategy must include e- and m-commerce. Our panel of experts looks at how retailers are reaching customers in stores, via the Web and using mobile devices and how the payments component of e-commerce and mobile has become a vital part of every merchant’s marketing mix.

  • Moderator: Dickson Chu - DCAdvisors
  • Ralph Dangelmaier - BlueSnap
  • David Pipe - ZNAP
Should I go with a PSP?

Increasingly, payment aggregators called PSPs are offering compelling rates, faster onboarding, enhanced reporting and other features. Should small merchants consider signing on with a PSP rather than a traditional processor or ISO? Our panel debates the topic.

  • Moderator: Joe Emig - Payvision
  • Rey Pasinli - Total Apps Inc.
  • Nuno Sebastiao - Feedzai
  • Svante Westerberg - maxipago
11:30AM - 12:15PM
Tickets, Please: How Ticketing Can Teach Others about Fraud Detection

Theme parks, concert venues, sports stadiums, cinemas and ticket brokers of all kinds are increasingly shifting ticket sales from the box office to online and mobile channels. For companies whose core business involves ticketing thousands of patrons per event or each day, fraudulent transactions can hamper the bottom line. Our panel of experts describes the technology they’re using to authenticate transaction data to reduce fraud. Hear how their methods could be applied to any business needing to verify identity so that they may more quickly clear suspicious transactions.

  • Moderator: TBA
  • Brian Anone - Universal Orlando
  • Tom Donlea - WhitePages PRO
  • Kelly O'Brien -TicketNetwork, Inc.
Lessons Learned: The Fed Shapes the Future of Payments

This past year, the Federal Reserve conducted vigorous research to better understand the U.S. payments system and what its stakeholders really want and need. This panel examines the key areas covered by the report that resulted: the demand for faster payments by consumer and corporate end-users and specific gaps and opportunities related to payments safety and security. Find out directly from Fed representatives what the central bank has learned about today’s payments landscape and what’s needed to achieve the payments system of the future.

  • Moderator: David Lott - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
  • Lisa Hrabosky - PayPal
  • Connie Theien - Federal Reserve Financial Services
  • Paul Tomasofsky - Secure Remote Payment Council
12:15PM – 1:15PM
Networking Luncheon in Exhibit Hall
Call: 978.761.9198
1:15PM – 2PM
Socially Unacceptable
Stemming the Tide of Social Fraud

Fraudsters are increasingly reaching card- not-present merchants through social sites. Hear our panel discuss how to limit exposure and still reap the benefits of selling on the social Web.

  • Moderator: Ryan Wilk - StubHub
  • Dan Elvester - Experian
  • Stephen Ufford - Trulioo
I'm from the Government and I'm Here to Help

From challenges to the Durbin Amendment to Internet Sales Tax initiatives, government policy and regulation continue to affect card-not- present merchants. Our legislative and legal experts weigh in on the state of policy initiatives and legal action—both federal and state—that potentially impact the CNP payments industry.

  • Moderator: TBA
  • Tom Gannon - MasterCard
  • Amy Pierce - Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
  • Ellen Berge - Venable LLP
2:15PM- 3PM
E-Commerce Fraud
It’s Bad and it’s Only Getting Worse

Fraud remains the single biggest concern for CNP merchants and, with the EMV implementation looming, it’s only getting worse. Our panelists discuss the state of the industry visà-vis fraud and evolving techniques to fight it.

  • Moderator: Ronan Gallagher- Alpha Payments Cloud
  • Priya Dozier- FIS
  • Scott Olson - iovation
Advanced Interchange Management

With dozens of interchange categories and a constantly shifting legal and regulatory environment, effectively managing your payment acceptance costs becomes increasingly vital.

  • Moderator: Janet Langenderfer - Vision Partners & Associates
  • Linda Bounds - Midway USA
  • Anne Fields - Crutchfield Corporation
  • Tom Pouliot - Vantiv/Litle & Co.
3PM – 3:30PM
Networking Break In The Exhibit Hall Reg Today
3:30PM - 4:15PM
Putting Mobile Security in the Driver's Seat

While plenty of attention is being paid to developing mobile solutions, security is taking a back seat. Mobile traffic is increasing rapidly, driven in part by a growing open rate of email marketing messages on smartphones. Our panel shines the light on mobile security and how it can catch up to the innovation marking the rest of the space.

  • Moderator: DJ Murphy -
  • Mark deCausmeaker - REEDS Jewelers
  • Siva Narendra - Tyfone
  • Rich Stuppy - Kount
Write a Better RFP

Want to ensure payment providers beat a path to your door with their absolute best offer? Let our experts guide you on writing a request for proposal that will have processors scratching and clawing for your business.

  • Moderator: Howard Hall - Consult Hyperion
  • Scott Kimsey - Forte Payment Systems
  • Don Seba - UPS
4:30PM - 5:15PM
Will We Ever Really be Able to Get Rid of Our Wallets

As mobile wallet providers jostle for position, there are several competing technologies powering the various entrants. Will payment credentials be stored on the phone? In the cloud? Our panel predicts what mobile payments at the POS will look like in the mobile future.

  • Moderator: Greg Raiz- Raizlabs
  • Les Matthews - MasterCard
  • Shaunt Sarkissian - Cortex MCP
  • Jack Stephenson - First Data
Choosing the Right Processor

When evaluating prospective processing partners, what are the most important considerations? In a market with hundreds of alternatives, our panel of experts helps you identify the characteristics that matter to you and help you make a fully informed decision.

  • Moderator: Michael Liquornik- Fin-Serv Advisors
  • John Faherty - OmniPay
  • Joel T. Hoskins - International Processing Solution
  • Melissa Rabasco - Vantiv/ Litle & Co
  • Jimmy Scarborough - Bank of America Merchant Services
6PM - 7PM
Post-Award Party

Join us outside for food, drink and a celebration unlike any other as we present the winners of the 2014 CNP Awards with their trophies. This is a time to kick back and relax with colleagues and friends you have made over the last three days.

Once the awards have been passed out, the party doesn't end thanks to our post-awards celebration sponsored by Adyen. Dance, socialize, and network with the beautiful Florida sunset as our backdrop for the evening.

Reg Today

Thursday, May 22

Continental Breakfast
Reg Today

The star of our 4th keynote address is perhaps the biggest survey ever undertaken focused entirely on fraud and the mobile channel. Presented by, Kount and The Fraud Practice, Mobile Payments & Fraud Survey: 2014 Report polled 2,000 respondents—more than 1,000 of them merchants— highlighting the growth, opportunity, obstacles, preferences and priorities of merchants, service providers, acquirers, card associations and issuers operating in the mobile channel. Don Bush, vice president of marketing for Kount, and David Montague, president of The Fraud Practice together will present a comprehensive look at the survey’s findings during a keynote session of the CNP Expo. Several key findings Bush and Montague will explore in depth include how many and what kind of organizations are supporting mobile commerce, the growing importance of mobile to the growth plans of both merchants and service providers and the specific technologies companies are relying on now and in the future to secure mobile transactions.

9AM - 9:45AM
The Scope of the Problem

PCI compliance isn’t a problem until it’s a problem. Hear what our panelists have to say on strategies to reduce your PCI scope before a breach and what you can do to limit your liability when problems hit.

  • Moderator: Giles Witherspoon-Boyd - SecurityMetrics
  • John Adams - HMS Host
  • Mark Johnston - Infogix
  • Ruston Miles - BlueFin
  • Bob Russo - PCI Security Standards Council
How to Sell Anything by Subscription

The subscription model continues to expand for online merchants, with everything from software to shoes available on a periodic basis. Our panel of experts takes a look at the payments technology that has enables the boom in subscription billing and what merchants need to be aware of when utilizing the increasingly popular model.

  • Moderator: Chad Roll - PayVisors
  • Garth Brantley - Subscribe Pro
  • Dan Burkhart - Recurly, Inc
  • Jon Edelstein - Greater Than Solutions
10 AM– 10:45AM
Trust Me: How Unnecessary Declines Affect Your Business

Trust. For e-commerce merchants and online shoppers it should be a two-way street. But far too often, a customer who should be trusted has a transaction wrongfully declined. This tarnishes their relationship with the merchant, the bank and the credit-card company, resulting in loss of revenues, interchange and most importantly, lifetime loyalty. Our panel of experts, discusses primary research explaining the $40 billion in revenue lost each year to unwarranted CNP credit-card declines and what your business can do to avoid it.

  • Moderator: Surag Patel - 41st Parameter
  • TJ Horan - FICO
  • Jeff Muschick - MasterCard
Think You Know Prepaid? Think Online

The fastest growing trend in prepaid cards is marketing them specifically for their use online. Industry data show the underbanked, teens and, increasingly, affluent consumers who simply don't want the security risks associated with using a credit card, began using both open- and closed-loop prepaid cards online in a big way this holiday season. Join our panelists as they look at how prepaid cards are becoming a force in the card-not-present space, how online merchants can cater to new markets by more effectively promoting their use and how they can manage the risk specific to prepaid.

  • Moderator - Jim Shanahan- Prepaidian
  • Pete Kledaras - CashStar
  • TBA - InComm
11 AM - 11:45AM
Big Data, Big Deal: How data is driving the next revolution in customer interaction

Card-not-present payments and mobile and online commerce sit at a nexus characterized by an exponentially growing mountain of data. Enterprises that can capture, store, harness, utilize, and profit from the increasing amounts and velocity of that data will enjoy an immense competitive advantage over those that can’t. Our panel looks at how merchants and service providers are working to leverage the enormous amounts of information available to them and the challenges that stand in their way.

  • Moderator: TBA
  • Ken Meiser - ID Analytics
  • Matthew Joseff - RSA
Who Are You? The State of Authentication

Validating the identity of their customers is becoming increasingly important for e-commerce merchants—and complex. Passwords, device ID, geolocation, voice and face recognition, fingerprint, behavioral and other techniques are being developed all the time in an effort to authenticate e-commerce transactions. Hear our panelists discuss the state of the art in transaction authentication, find out what techniques your current solution uses and how to address the gap.

  • Moderator: Michael Roche - CardinalCommerce
  • Robert Giblett -emailage
  • Roberto Girolami - Expedia
  • Michael Hagen - IDChecker
  • Michael Orlando - Jumio
Adjournment Thanks for joining us for the 2014 CNP Expo
See you in 2015!
Reg Today