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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: Payvision – April 2, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: Payvision

April 2, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: Payvision The CNP Expo is coming in May and merchants around the world are making their plans to attend. With an increasing number of solutions and providers vying for your attention at the show, sometimes it can be daunting to find the few you absolutely need to talk to. Whether you are interested in implementing cross-border payments, strengthening your security posture, reducing fraud, implementing mobile payments, accepting bitcoin or something else, coming to Orlando with a better idea of the players will help. Beginning this week, we will be featuring some of our sponsors to help you better understand their product offerings and assist you in planning your CNP Expo experience.

Global expansion is top of mind for most online companies. From an outsider’s perspective, it seems simple, but there are hundreds of things to consider from cultural preferences to on-site language. The most important part of entering a new market, though, is to ensure that customers who want to make purchases, can. To do this most effectively, merchants need to be able to process payments in the consumer’s native currency and to accept the most popular payment methods in each market. This can be a daunting task, especially for merchants whose processors only process credit cards domestically.

When looking for a partner to process international payments, experience is vital. There are so many nuances and regulations for each country—and they’re always in flux—that you need to have a processor that stays up to date so you don’t have to. Payvision provides payment processing in more than 150 transaction currencies and regional card settlement currencies, a high-end reporting interface and a solid risk management solution.

“Payvision’s one full-service payment platform for all our transactions, offers a global domestic acquiring platform with the same quality in each region, offering a single integrated end-to-end solution for all required countries, regions, channels and currencies, covering all types of businesses; one single platform for all acquiring needs, enabling our partners to concentrate on business growth,” says Rudolf Booker, CEO Payvision. “We base our business model on four very strong pillars: global card processing, sharing expertise, innovative payment solutions and integrated risk management.”

Sharing information with merchants about cross-border commerce is something that Payvision is passionate about. They are a founder and member of the Cross-Border E-Commerce Community (CBEC), a community designed to become the first global educational institute in the cross-border e-commerce industry, offering a deeper understanding of key insights on e-commerce that can drive international expansion, for the benefit of all stakeholders within the dynamic global e-commerce landscape:

They sponsored the Grad School educational training at the CNP Expo in 2014 and are excited to sponsor the new CNP Expo mobile app at this year’s event, allowing attendees to stay informed about the agenda, speakers and networking events, while also sharing innovative studies and whitepapers that will help merchants increase revenue and the customer experience through cross-border payments optimization.

They are also proud to offer the Payvision eLearning Mobile App , dedicated to sharing e-commerce knowledge and supporting web merchants that want to expand their business globally and learn more about the different aspects of cross-border e-commerce.

If you are considering expansion into new markets, or are interested in learning how you can better improve your cross-border purchase success rate, plan on meeting with Payvision at the 2015 CNP Expo. To schedule an in-person meeting, you can reach Payvision at or .

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