Chargeback Experts, Route 72 Systems Launch Anti-Fraud Software for Small Merchants 

July 19, 2012

Two New York City-area companies have entered the anti-fraud software space with a new product aimed at small merchants that accept CNP payments they say identifies and blocks suspicious online orders. Chargeback management company Chargeback Experts and Internet marketing company Route 72 Systems have launched a software system called Anodyne that blocks stolen credit-card numbers. The companies say those stolen numbers are the leading cause of unwinnable chargebacks for merchants.

“Merchants often believe that an authorization code or address match protects them from fraud disputes and find out the hard way that this is not the case,” according to Jim Alamia of Route 72 Systems. “Anodyne’s custom programming can interface with any gateway, including It uses a proprietary rules engine and fraud scoring system to eliminate chargebacks that result from online credit card fraud.”