ArkOwl Launches API, Expands Beyond Yahoo Email Checks

April 28, 2016

ArkOwl Launches API, Expands Beyond Yahoo Email Checks ArkOwl, a Minneapolis-based company that uses email addresses to prevent fraudulent e-commerce transactions, has launched its newest version. The four-year old company began by offering merchants valuable information on Yahoo email addresses including the creation date and social networks with which the address was associated. Version 2.0 has expanded the social checks to non-Yahoo email addresses and ArkOwl now offers its service as an API merchants can integrate with to automate the process. The new version also can determine if an email has been compromised in a known data breach.

“The data we use to check emails against has always been live and still is,” said Rob Daline, co-founder and CEO of ArkOwl. “The API has upped the speed, which merchants have been asking for since we started, and now we’ve added three more social checks. This will enable us to reengage prospective customers who need information on more than just Yahoo email. This will get a lot of those back.”