Apple Enables Apple Pay Transactions from MacBook Pro

With the most recent release of the MacBook Pro, Apple Pay will now be much easier to use on laptops. Apple has spent this year expanding how and where users can access Apple Pay online. Since Apple Pay’s launch in 2014, it has been available for in-app payments. This year, however, it expanded first to mobile websites and then to Safari users on the Mac. The user experience on a laptop, however, was clunky because it required the mobile device and Touch ID to be present for verification.

The newest MacBookPro includes a strip at the top of the keyboard called the Touch Bar that will enable many touch features, including the ability to lock and unlock the device with a fingerprint scan. Most importantly for Apple Pay users, however, the Touch ID function built into the Touch Bar will enable them to complete Apple Pay purchases on their laptop without having to respond to a prompt on their iPhone.

While m-commerce seems to be the focus of many retailers and payments companies, especially in emerging markets, a significant majority of online transactions are still preformed on desktops and laptops—by most measures, somewhere around 70 percent. The availability of Apple Pay and other major mobile-focused digital wallets on traditional websites could be a key factor in their adoption.