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2016's Magic 8-Ball: 'Outlook Good' or 'Don't Count on It'? Predictions are a tricky business. For instance, last January, Tim Cook boldly called 2015 “the year of Apple Pay.” While the past year spawned plenty of competition for Apple Pay, the mobile wallet space in the U.S. remains muddled. But, it’s the time of year for clean slates and several experts in the card-not-present payments and fraud industries agreed to share their expectations for 2016 with our readers.

From the true effect of EMV on card-not-present fraud, to biometric authentication, to cross-border hot spots, to rosy predictions of e-commerce growth, it’s the time of year for optimism. Hear what leaders in our space tab as trends to watch, opportunities to leverage or threats to prepare for in 2016.

2016 Predictions There seems to have been a major push over the last few years by e-commerce merchants offering digital delivery of goods to reduce review rates as close to 0 percent as possible. I see physical goods merchants following their lead in 2016. With the increased sophistication of existing fraud solution platforms, focus on pre-transaction analysis and machine-learning based solutions, the near-zero-percent rate seems like more of a realistic option over the next year.

On a separate note, the forecasted increase in acceptance of digital-wallet-based payments over the next three years is aggressive to say the least.  This year will be pivotal to hitting these rates.  With the burden placed on both the merchant (on the integration and acceptance side) as well as the consumer (on the payment option selection side), the barriers seem to be high for widespread acceptance of digital wallets.  Consumer education will be key and I feel the digital wallet solution that does this the best in 2016, will gain a much needed foothold that will pay dividends long term.

Jamon Whitehead, Senior Manager of Risk and Payment Operations,

2016 Predictions Reducing checkout friction and maximizing conversions are