Visa Rolls Out Digital Commerce App

June 9, 2016

Visa Rolls Out Digital Commerce App This week, Visa rolled out an app that will enable issuing banks to offer mobile services around their Visa-issued credit, debit and prepaid cards. Through the Visa Digital Commerce app, issuers can offer their customers bank-branded P2P payments, fraud alerts and, in some cases, tokenized mobile contactless payments at the point of sale. The app also makes it easy for a bank’s customers to enroll in Visa Checkout, an online payment method Visa cardholders can use enabling one-click checkout at e-commerce sites in 16 countries.

“The Visa Digital Commerce App brings together a comprehensive set of services to empower financial institution clients of all sizes to quickly offer their own digital payment experience to cardholders, while keeping their brand and relationship with the cardholder front and center,” said Oliver Jenkyn, group executive for North America at Visa Inc. “We are getting great feedback from clients who are implementing the app and are excited to make it available to more financial institutions nationwide.”

The app, which launched with 40 financial institutions on Tuesday, also will enable users to check balance information, control card spending and take advantage of loyalty programs.