Visa: New Visa Checkout ‘Swipe’ Button Increases Conversion

March 14, 2016

Visa Checkout ‘Swipe’ Button Increases Conversion Visa on Friday unveiled a feature it has added to its Visa Checkout user interface it said increases conversion on mobile devices during the payment process. On sites that accept Visa Checkout as a payment method, users can swipe across their phones when they pay. An image of a small Visa card is swiped left to right on a blue bar and then users enter their password in the bar to authenticate themselves.

“Visa Checkout’s new interactive button is yet another way we are designing the future of online checkout and delivering on our promise to bring the simplicity of the swipe to any device,” said Sam Shrauger, senior vice president of digital solutions for Visa. “This design-led innovation is proven to increase conversion, helping merchants reach new customers—especially millennials, who are increasingly using their mobile devices to make purchases.”

Visa said it conducted tests of the new button with Pizza Hut, which generated conversion rates twice as high as the old Visa Checkout “lightbox” button. Tests with Virgin America and Fandango showed less significant increases but users were still 1.3 times as likely to complete their payment with the new button as they were with the old, the company said.