UK Contactless Mobile Payments and Engagement Company Launches in US

Oct. 9, 2014

UK Contactless Mobile Payments and Engagement Company Launches in US With the massive announcement last month from Apple , a more recent one from Softcard (formerly Isis) and the advent of Host Card Emulation enabling NFC payments on Android devices that bypass the secure element, NFC has made great strides in the past few months. Taking advantage of that momentum this week, a U.K.-based company called Proxama launched in the U.S. to bring its proximity-based technology to mobile payments and marketing in the North American market.

In addition to NFC, the nine-year old company will harness Bluetooth to enable payment and loyalty solutions for its customers, which, in the U.K. include Barclaycard, MasterCard, Harrod’s, Tesco, Domino’s, Guinness and others. And, now is the right time for Proxama to bring its solution to the U.S., according to Pascal Caillon, the newly appointed general manager for North America.

“NFC is no longer a dirty word in the U.S.,” Caillon told “It’s a broad technology that can be used effectively for payments and other kinds of mobile engagement. We’ve seen quite a bit of traction on the engagement side. Using NFC for payments is a different story. You need contactless terminals to make it work.”

Caillon said Apple’s introduction of Apple Pay will change that significantly. It has already changed the mindset, he said, and that will translate very quickly into consumer adoption of contactless mobile payments.

Proxama brings to market two primary products: TapPoint, its engagement and loyalty solution, and CardGateway, its mobile platform.