UK Consumers to Spend $22 Billion Online via Smartphones in 2017: Report

U.K. consumers are increasingly likely to make e-commerce purchases on their smartphones, according to a new report from eMarketer. Nearly 60 percent of the country’s 25.2 million “digital buyers” over the age of 14 will make a retail e-commerce purchase from their device this year. In total, the research estimated, Britons will use their smartphones to spend £16.42 billion ($22.16 billion) in 2017.

“U.K. consumers are becoming ever-more comfortable using their mobile devices, and particularly smartphones, for retail purchases,” said eMarketer senior analyst Bill Fisher. “The slowly rising use of mobile payment options is adding a bit more fuel to the fire. The more comfortable people become using their smartphones for payment in a retail environment, the more likely they are to use them for retail shopping and buying more generally.”

While growth in m-commerce via smartphone has been strong, it still accounts for less than half (46.4 percent) of all online mobile commerce. Tablet sales remain strong in the U.K. Overall, retail e-commerce in Britain will exceed $110 billion in 2017, with m-commerce accounting for nearly $48 billion of that total.

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