Two Companies, One Video?

Oct. 14, 2014

Two Companies, One Video? Coin, a company that launched last November with an idea to presell its new card that could combine all the credit and debit cards in your wallet into one card, kicked off its marketing campaign with a slick video featuring a non-threatening bearded man talking up the benefits of the Coin card. Despite subsequent problems delivering on its promise, Coin raised quite a bit of money from preselling the card on the strength of the video.

Enter Final, another company hoping to disrupt the credit card business, this time by securing online purchases by associating one account with many different “card” numbers. Interestingly, Final has included in its initial marketing campaign a video featuring a familiar non-threatening bearded man shot in a similar style. It rang a bell with us here at, so we went back to confirm our suspicions, even wondering if Coin and Final were affiliated.

As it turns out, the actor in the videos is not an actor at all, but Adam Lisagor, founder of a company called Sandwich Video . Lisagor’s company has worked with many high-profile startups in the financial sector including Square, Boku and Groupon, and Lisagor is featured in most of his own work. Coin and Final are separate companies employing the same videographer. Is it wise for potentially competing companies to use the same pitchman and style? It worked for Coin. For Final, the jury is out.