TransFirst Partners with InvisiPay for Mobile Payments

Sept. 25, 2014

TransFirst Partners with InvisiPay for Mobile Payments Long Island-based ISO TransFirst, which filed for an IPO in July, has partnered with mobile payment technology provider InvisiCorp to offer TransFirst merchants a secure mobile solution. InvisiCorp’s InvisiPay, which the company has initially aimed at restaurants, leverages patent-pending technology, QR codes and a smartphone’s camera to enable payments, offer redemption and loyalty programs. Consumers scan a QR code displayed on a restaurant check, enter a PIN and pay with a linked payment card.

“We partnered with InvisiCorp to leverage the numerous benefits of InvisiPay that really matter to businesses and consumers,” said Anthony Lucatuorto, president of national partnerships at TransFirst. “Innovative and secure mobile payment solutions have the potential to streamline operations and reach customers in new ways.”