The Subscription Prescription: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

March 5, 2015

The Subscription Prescription: A CNP Expo Session Spotlight Subscription-based companies are more popular than ever. New companies are being created that, from their inception, rely on the subscription model and established companies are moving to the model to meet the evolving needs of their consumers.  But when it comes to payments, there are significant differences that must be addressed to ensure that you are reaping and retaining as much revenue as possible.

Optimizing the subscription signup process, ensuring that cards continue to be authorized so the customer lifecycle can be extended as much as possible and deploying an effective dunning process that ensures customers update their payment method within a reasonable amount of time are all part of the art and science involved in effectively leveraging a subscription model.

Merchant panelists who have mastered these processes, including and Shoeboxed, along with providers that specialize in recurring billing, will detail strategies to achieve all these goals at the CNP Expo in May. Whether you currently have a subscription business model, are considering it internally or would just like to expand your personal knowledge base, this is a panel that you must attend.

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