Testing 1,2,3: The Vital Role of Testing in Payments

By Julia Ito, CEO, CleverIS Technologies

Today’s digital world is changing everything—how we think, how we socialize, how we live and almost every other aspect that touches our lives daily. It is all about being connected, with the right information, the right access at the right time. Monthly payments are executed without human intervention, and with IoT accelerating the adoption of CNP, all we must do is decide where to spend our valuable income.  It is the payment system revolutionized to capture the moment and secure a purchase by making it simple, quick and painless. Behind every superb payment and purchase experience, however, hides a very complex payment system lifecycle; complexity that inexorably grows alongside the constant updates that come with new rules and regulations, innovation, or just normal application maintenance. Ensuring your payment system is properly tested is essential to the future of your organization.

How can organizations ensure changes made to their payment systems are correct? How can they expedite time-to-market and reduce testing costs? How can they ensure their payment system supports adequate levels of transaction processing? If you are involved with payment transaction testing, I am sure you are dealing with those questions daily. The payment system lifecycle is complex and requires knowledge coupled with the right experience, and if you are considering better ways to test your payment system, there are options. Whether you have your system manually tested with internal resources or through third-party specialized services, adopted an automated software solution or a mix of testing capabilities and resources, your testing solution needs to provide agility, and the ability to continuously increase the quality of your payment system while reducing costs and time-to-market. But, what are the most important considerations?

Always keep in mind that you are the one that understands your payment scheme and your testing goals, so make sure you choose a path that fits your strategic goals. Here is a list of areas you might be able to improve:

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