TeleSign Unveils SDK for 2FA

Oct. 9, 2014

TeleSign Unveils SDK for 2FA TeleSign, an online and mobile identity verification technology provider, this week launched an SDK enabling developers to add enhanced security features to mobile apps. Developers can use the Los Angeles-based company’s AuthID Kit to add two-factor authentication and other advanced ID-verification techniques to apps, while allowing them to retain full control of user experience and branding.

“From the recent theft of 1.2 billion sets of credentials to the hacking of celebrity accounts, it’s easy to understand why consumers are questioning the current state of online security,” said Steve Jillings, CEO of TeleSign.  “We built TeleSign AuthID Kit to allow service providers and application developers to help solve this problem by easily embedding 2FA security directly into their existing mobile apps. We have removed many of the complexities a developer may face as they strive to raise assurance and make applications and websites more secure for all users.”

The SDK, available for iOS and Android developers, also enables push authorization, code challenges and soft tokens.