Stripe, Twitter Launch E-Commerce Initiative

Sept. 17, 2015

Stripe, Twitter Launch E-Commerce Initiative Last fall, Twitter indicated it was testing a way to enable companies to sell directly through the service with a “buy button.” This week, Stripe, rumored as its partner in that venture, announced the rollout of Relay, the technology that is going to bring Twitter’s efforts to fruition. Relay, an API enabling stores to integrate with apps like Twitter, will streamline the buying experience and optimize it specifically for mobile devices, a sorely needed but rarely seen result, according to Stripe’s Siddarth Chandrasekaran.

“Most mobile shopping sites are fundamentally the same as the desktop sites that preceded them, despite the medium calling for something completely different,” said Chandrasekaran. “The result has been predictable. Despite mobile devices representing 60 percent of browsing traffic for shopping sites, they only make up 15 percent of purchases.”

Chandrasekaran cited native mobile apps Postmates and Instacart as examples of effective buying experiences developed especially for mobile. Stripe said Relay can provide an experience like that through apps like Twitter. Stripe said online stores provide product information which they will use to enable instant purchases through third-party mobile apps. In addition to Twitter, ShopStyle and Spring are other shopping apps integrated with Relay.