Startup Betting on Better Passwords

Nov. 2, 2015

Startup Betting on Better Passwords While biometrics are gaining momentum as the next wave in authentication technology, an Athens, Ga.-based startup says passwords aren’t going anywhere and that it has developed a more secure way to leverage them for online payments or account opening. Arcanum Technology last week launched N-Kōd, a solution it said is based on PINs, which everyone is familiar with, but lets users enter symbols, colors and letters in addition to numbers. The solution features an algorithm that generates a complex series of tokenized values to ensure the customer’s actual passcode—which can remain simple—is never exposed.

“User authentication is the critical exposure point, and it is the key to the solution,” said Dennis Maicon, COO of Arcanum Technology. “Our transformative approach generates a series of unique tokenized system values, ensuring that all passcode data is never ‘in the wild’ where cybercriminals can steal it. N-Kōd safeguards user identifiable information at entry and throughout the authentication process, re-establishing the lost confidence in the passcode system.”