Square Offers E-Commerce API for Existing Websites

March 31, 2016

Square Offers E-Commerce API for Existing Websites Yesterday, Square jumped into e-commerce payment processing with both feet when it launched a set of tools to help all kinds of businesses. Build with Square is a collection of APIs that includes one for online businesses that will enable merchants to integrate Square checkout and processing on existing Websites. Until now, Square only integrated e-commerce processing on sites built from the ground up with its technology. Offering an API for online businesses now pits Square directly against PayPal, Stripe and a host of other payment gateways merchants use to accept credit card payments online. Where Square thinks it can differentiate itself is for companies that want a unified experience for their physical and online stores.

“From payments to point of sale, financing to payroll, we believe all sellers—big or small, online or offline—should be able to start, run, and grow their entire business with one cohesive system,” the San Francisco-based company said on its corporate blog announcing the new set of APIs. “With our e-commerce API, sellers can use Square to process online payments on their own self-hosted, fully developed Website. By seamlessly integrating their Website with Square, omnichannel sellers can now have a powerful solution to grow both their online and offline businesses together, tracking all sales—no matter where or how they’re made—in one dashboard.”