Softcard Rolls Mobile Payments Out to U.S. SUBWAY Restaurants

Oct. 6, 2014

Softcard Rolls Mobile Payments Out to U.S. SUBWAY Restaurants Perhaps putting a challenging past behind it, Softcard (previously known as Isis) last week announced what it said was the largest mobile payment deployment in the U.S. when it enabled contactless payments using the Softcard app at 26,000 SUBWAY restaurants across the country. Softcard, the carrier-backed mobile payments initiative, was beset by delays before its launch more than ten months ago and changed its name from Isis in September when the Middle East terrorist group of the same name came to prominence. Since then, however, the Apple Pay announcement breathed new life into mobile payment technologies like Softcard that rely on NFC to transmit payment information and with the SUBWAY announcement, Softcard may be establishing some momentum.

“Today’s announcement marks a milestone for the mobile payments industry as SUBWAY takes quick-service to the next level with the largest deployment of mobile payments in the U.S.,” said Michael Abbott, CEO of Softcard. “We’re excited to work with SUBWAY to offer customers an easier and safer way to pay, save and earn rewards.”