Short Delivery Windows Open ‘Super Saturday’ to E- and M-Commerce

Dec. 21, 2015

Short Delivery Windows Open ‘Super Saturday’ to E- and M-Commerce The last Saturday before Christmas—dubbed “Super Saturday” because it has outperformed Black Friday in recent years—experienced spikes in online traffic suggesting e- and m-commerce are invading this traditionally brick-and-mortar day, despite a dwindling number of days to fulfill deliveries, according to the Verizon Retail Index. The Index, which tracks broadband and mobile traffic patterns associated with online shopping activity, found wireline broadband traffic on Saturday attributed to e-commerce was 19 percent above average daily volumes while mobile traffic attributed to m-commerce was six percent higher than average.

Heading into the weekend, Michele Dupré, group vice president of retail, hospitality and distribution for Verizon Enterprise Solutions had predicted strong online sales with consumers taking advantage of the increased availability of same-day delivery. And, even though Super Saturday was good for e- and m-commerce retailers, there is still revenue to grab.

“As expected, there was a surge in both online and mobile commerce on Super Saturday as consumers rushed to wrap up their shopping,” said Dupré. “This effective one-two punch combined with heavy in-store traffic means that it was a solid day for retailers, though all indications are that there is still shopping to be done and wallet share to be gained in these final days before Christmas.”