ShopWithMe Delivers Blended Payment Experience in Physical Stores

Nov. 12, 2015

ShopWithMe Delivers Blended Payment Experience in Physical Stores A new kind of easy-to-assemble, interactive store that blends the physical and online retail experiences, but isn’t tied to one brand or retailer, opened in Chicago this week. ShopWithMe said it can mass produce physical stores and ship them anywhere in the world, allowing brands “to go from zero stores to fifty overnight and then down to zero again a few weeks later.”

In addition to digital displays that can be accessed by any brand, the store offers a blend of online and offline payment options: shoppers can use the ShopWithMe mobile app by adding choices to their shopping cart on the app and scanning it as they walk out of the store (never having waited in line), they can swipe a card (or enter a PIN in jurisdictions that require chip-and-PIN purchases) at self-checkout kiosks or they can engage with a sales person.

“While the ShopWithMe fixtures and store experience is smart, it is also eliminating the traditional friction in brick-and-mortar retail,” says William Reid, vice president of payment for ShopWithMe.  “My favorite part of the store is the express checkout. If the shopper downloads our mobile app they can actually find a product they want in the store and literally walk out the door and we charge them as they leave. No more checkout lines.”

Payment options extend even to the dressing rooms, which will feature interactive mirrors from which customers can make purchases without ever leaving. The Chicago store is part of what ShopWithMe is calling its 2015 Holiday Tour and will sell products from fashion brands TOMS Shoes and Raven + Lily. In addition to Chicago, the company plans stores in New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Miami “in the coming months” and said it will begin shipping stores globally starting in January.